Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer

While you might stock up on sunscreen for your skin during summer, did you know that your hair needs a little extra protection? Sun damage can be just as bad for your locks as it is for your face, causing them to lose moisture, turn a dull colour, or even fall out. To help prevent these problems, there are some top ways to protect your hair in the summer:

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One of the easiest and most natural ways to protect your hair from UV rays is to cover it with a physical barrier. This can be a wide-brimmed hat or head scarf.

To further shield your hair from the sun, try to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day. This will not only prevent sunburn, but it will also help keep your hair and scalp cooler.

Another way to protect your hair is by using a heat protecting spray. This is especially important if you have bleached or coloured hair because it helps to protect the hair cuticle from heat exposure. For advice from Hairdressers Gloucester, visit a site like headkandyhairdressing.com/

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It’s also a good idea to regularly rinse your hair with cool water after being in the ocean or pool. This will help to remove chlorine, salt, and other chemicals from your hair and scalp. Lastly, by using an anti-frizz serum on your strands, you can help to smooth the hair cuticle and reduce frizz.

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