Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer with These Tips

Everyone wants a long-lasting laptop. There’s that extra joy knowing your PC can sustain you for hours.

Here are the best ways from casinos en ligne en france to make your laptop battery last longer according to LiveWire.

Change your power profile to power saver

Windows laptops come with the option of changing the power profile in the Power and Sleep Settings menu. Select Battery Saver mode to optimize your laptop to focus on efficiency over performance. That can go a long way to extending battery life.

Lower screen brightness

A bright, high-resolution screen is a major factor in draining your laptop’s battery life. While you can’t do much about its resolution once you’ve bought it, you can lower the brightness to make it use as little power as possible. This will make the laptop more dull to look at though, so it’s not the best for watching films of playing games, and can make it hard to see the screen when you’re in a bright environment (especially outdoors).

Turn off keyboard backlighting

Keyboard backlighting is really useful for typing in the dark, but it also requires power, which means it’s another source of battery usage. If battery life is important, do your best to do without the backlighting and turn it off.

Unplug external devices not in use

External devices all draw power from your laptop, whether they’re exclusively powered by it, or use it to charge their own internal battery. If you have devices like your phone, external hard drives, or external displays plugged into USB ports on your laptop, they will draw power from it and therefore reduce your laptop’s battery life. If you aren’t using them, or can charge them somewhere else, unplug them to extend your laptop’s battery so you can play games at USA real money casinos for longer period.

Keep it cool

Batteries remain more efficient and last longer when kept around room temperature or even slightly below, so do your best to keep your laptop from getting hot. That means making sure that you don’t use it in rooms that are too hot, or in direct snlight, and ideally, make sure the laptop itself has plenty of ventilation to ensure it can cool down its components well enough toi avoid excess heat build up.

Turn-off or Hibernate When Not In Use

If you’re not using your laptop, turn it off, or set it to hibernate after a short period of inactivity. Even when sitting idle it will consume battery life—just because the screen’s off doesn’t mean it isn’t slowly de-charging. Shut it down if you’re done using it.

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