How Is Metal Affected By Temperature?

Metal is mostly made up of iron and nickel, with some tin and other non-metal elements mixed in. The way we use the metal and the environment can have an impact on the metal’s properties; therefore it is necessary to know how temperature affects the properties of metal.

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Temperature affects the physical and chemical properties of the metal so that the metal can be used to form different alloys and combinations of metals. It is for this reason that Surface Treatments like those offered by Poeton are put in place to help protect the surface of the metal being used.

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When steel is formed under the right conditions the metal takes on many new physical characteristics, but it is also brittle and can break easily in the process. The brittle nature of the metal means that under high stress, such as when the head of a piece of steel strikes another part, the metal is likely to break.

This happens because if the stress is far exceeding the yield point of the material then the metal can be weakened beyond repair. Therefore if the material cannot withstand the stress then the metal will break; this breaking will happen because the stresses cause microscopic cracks which in turn produce higher temperatures and higher stresses are still produced even at lower temperatures.



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