Why silicone hoses are best

If you’ve been wondering why people upgrade rubber hoses to silicone ones, well, that’s because you can really tell the difference in performance. Here are some often-asked questions regarding the benefits of replacing rubber for silicone:

Why do people believe silicone hoses to be better than rubber?

  1. Extremely resilient and flexible

Silicone hoses are considerably more flexible than rubber ones. They stay incredibly flexible throughout their lifetime, unlike rubber which can harden, suffer from dry rot and even crack after time.

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  1. Longer lifespan

A silicone hose will last for an incredibly long time, much longer than a rubber hose will. This means that they offer greater value for money compared to rubber, despite their upfront cost being higher. Often silicone hoses come with a lifetime guarantee if they are used correctly.

  1. Wide temperature range

Silicone is great for use at extremes of temperatures. Thermodynamically speaking, silicone outperforms rubber every time. Replacing a standard hose with silicone means the hose suffers far less expansion under hot and pressurised conditions. Silicone is capable of holding fluids at a much higher temperature than rubber. For racing cars and turbochargers for example, choosing silicone is a no-brainer.

  1. Greater control

Silicone is also useful for its greater control of both noise and vibration. It is able to dampen noise and keep good stability. Rubber is known to cause excess noise due to the friction caused between the substance and other surfaces. For your Silicone Hoses, visit Good flex Rubber.

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  1. The way they look

Upgrading to silicone looks better. This might not be the most important factor, but for those wishing to upgrade hoses under the bonnet of their beloved car, aesthetically they are much more attractive. For motoring enthusiasts who like to show off what’s under their bonnet, silicone is the way forward. They are available in a host of different colours, or plain black for those who don’t want to be flashy!

  1. Improve performance

When manufacturing of silicone hoses for the automotive industry began, it happened because the material offered desirable performance enhancement. Silicone offers superior tolerance to heat, so is the ideal choice for enhancing the performance of a vehicle. For those wishing to add a turbocharger to their engine, without upgrading the hoses, you’ll simply be pushing increased into hoses that aren’t capable of dealing with it.

  1. Stability

Silicone is a highly stable substance which maintains its ability to act like new, even when it isn’t. A rubber hose can suffer from stiffening, cracking and drying out over time, whereas silicone is much more resilient.


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