How to dress if you are tall?

As the Radio Five Live vibrant and relevant presenter Elis James has rightly pointed out to his longtime colleague and co presenter John Robins and Producer Dave Masterman, people are getting demonstrably taller than they were some 20 years ago and alot more than if you go further back. The increase in access to sunlight, better and more calorific food and more leisure time has meant that we are being born heavily and will grow several centimetres taller than the last generation.

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All this is very well and good but what do we dress if we are very tall. It follows that you are very thin as well. What can you do. The first thing that you need to do is break things up a bit. Do not go for one colour or you will be total washed out by it. Mix up the colours so that you make a bit more of an impression. Have a look at EJ Menswear and some Tommy Bowe Menswear for some great ideas.

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Next, add bulk. For you, baggy is the way to go. The summer of love in Manchester and all the clothes that that period inspired is certainly your friend. And even better news, it’s coming back? Do not go down the route of the Skinny fit. Ignore that label if you see it. That’s not what you want to be wearing anytime soon. Make sure that you have clothes that fit though. That might seem to be a no brainer but for a guy your height that can be an issue.

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