Have You Considered Metal Bonding Adhesives

Tapes and metal bonding adhesives have become an integral part of industrial, automotive and marine applications. These tapes offer a cost-effective and high-quality bond between two materials. Furthermore, these tapes can also be used for decorative purposes. As there are several kinds of tapes available in the market, and several kinds of metal bonding adhesive too, there are several kinds of metal bonding tapes available in the market too. These adhesive tapes are usually made up of epoxy resin-coated polyester material. This type of adhesive has excellent adhesive properties and can be used for bonding metals together in a smooth and consistent manner.

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In addition to metal bonding adhesive, like the ones from CT1, epoxy resins and epoxy polymers are also used for surface preparation. The most common form of epoxy resin is thermoset polyimide, which cures into a hard and glossy surface upon application. This type of epoxy resin is used in many industrial as well as household products like flooring, roofing, and cabinetry. Another form of epoxy resin is liquid acrylic, which cures into a clear and non-reflective exterior finish. These are also used in building and industrial products, but they are generally used for surface preparation only.

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Two component epoxy resins are also available for curing internal finishes like sheen or paint. There are two main varieties of epoxy resin-based coatings – metallic and thermoset. metallic epoxy coatings are used for heavy duty industrial and automotive applications; while thermoset epoxy coatings are suitable for light-duty applications. A combination of these two component epoxy resin varieties is termed as multi-coatings.

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