Men … Embrace the suit and tie

The most important items that every man should wear to a wedding are the suit and the tie. You must never wear jeans or slacks to a wedding because these clothes will only make you look like a goat and they will also scratch your dress. A black suit is the best choice if you are attending a formal wedding. It is always a wise idea to wear a shirt under a black suit. A white or pastel colored shirt will work as well. For summer weddings, don’t wear very tight clothes and for winter weddings, wear layers because you might feel cold.

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During summer weddings, you can be absolutely free with what you wear to a wedding. Men can choose from different styles of trousers like slacks, trousers with a tie and slacks with a vest. If you want a summer outfit that will go perfectly with your slim fit trousers, then you can choose a vest and a pair of cool looking shoes. Put on an airy attitude and serve others with respect and service. Put on lighter shades and lighter fabrics for summer weddings and darker shades and thicker fabrics for winter weddings. Men who are attending casual style weddings should try wearing light-colored linen trousers and dark-colored cotton trousers. Don’t forget to look at the stylish options from Calvin Klein Menswear at

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An etiquette guide for men who are attending weddings would be to order their wedding attire two months in advance. Men who are attending formal weddings should also get in touch with their friends and family and take time out to plan a few good days and hours for them to get dressed up beforehand and not clash with others outfits.

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