The truth is that long car trips are tedious and sometimes overwhelming. However, we at Carglass think that they do not have to be so heavy if we know what to do on a long car trip .

We are going to propose you a series of games and recommendations for long trips. Games to play in the car , but also ideas to take you and that can be useful in times when what you want to do is throw yourself out the window or get your little brother to be quiet for a space of more than two seconds.

You always have to carry something to read.

From the book you have pending (electronic book is also accepted) to the pile of magazines that you never have time to read.

Take games that you can play in the car.

And if you go a few, try to make it a game in which the driver can also play. It is always better if they do not involve physical elements (letters, papers, pens), since remember that this type of tools excludes the person behind the wheel. Trivia questions are always one of the preferred options.

If you travel with small children, many times the torture of a long car trip is assured. It is important that parents or adults in the car know how to entertain children, thus preventing them from becoming nervous and annoying the driver. Do not forget that the miscarriages behind the wheel are one of the causes of the greatest accident potential.

For the little ones we propose 3 ideas of games so as not to get bored in the car , which can encourage longer journeys. We recommend that whoever starts the game be the co-pilot and not the driver, thus avoiding any distraction.

The first of them is called “Follow the story” is a very fun game that is based on generating characters, situations and plots that are shaping a story. As you imagine, the game is infinite, it only ends when we want or when the players get bored. Dare to invent funny stories, horror or all mixed in a unique script!

The second one is called “The Search for the Letter” , this is a game that entertains children and adults alike. It consists of thinking about any letter of the alphabet, and trying to say objects that begin with that letter. The only rule is that these objects must be inside the car or they must be visible through the window. It is usually played with a limited time per word, decided by vote among all passengers.

The third game is based on concentration. It is known as ” Neither yes nor no, neither black nor white” although it can be called in many ways. It is played in a group (ideal if there are more than two people in the car) and consists in making rounds of questions in which the answers have to avoid using the words: yes, no, black and white (these words can be changed by any other that you can think of).

 When you go as a co-pilot on a long trip and you get bored.

One option is always to tune the radio a thousand times until you find something you like or plug your phone into the speaker to hear something decent. Singing is one of the most fun things you can do on a car trip.

If you do not know much about other passengers.

Or you’re not interested in the conversation they’re having, maybe it’s time to take out your laptop and answer some emails or it may be the ideal time to start the novel of the century. Whatever it is: as long as you write, write. Some studies confirm that the mind thinks faster when we are moving.

 Take out your device.

Tablet or console (if you’re still a romantic) and play something alone. There are a lot of games that allow you to play with the machine itself (if none of the crew wants to play with you).

 As you know, you must stop.

The driver and consequently the passengers (if there is not a relay of someone at the wheel) every two hours because it is mandatory. We suggest that you make your breaks fun, find out about the places where you can stop on the way to your destination. The best game for a long trip is to make the trip an adventure. Discover places that you never imagined before thinking about this idea!

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