The 9 best electrical panels

Choosing the best electrical panel is not always easy. To help you acquire the best one, we have requested help from one of our electricity specialists. Our electrician has recommended the following options.

Cablematic electrical panel

First of all, I am going to recommend an SPN electrical distribution box that has an ABS plastic surface. This model makes the quality of the box is very good, hence it is one of the most demanded by professionals.

The box has a modern design, which helps to integrate it in any place without problems, at the same time that it has all the security measures that can be looked for in this type of boxes. Of course, you should know that it only works with a maximum intensity of 100 A. It also includes a transparent front door that allows you to see the modules inside, but in turn these will always be protected.

Kopp electrical panel

If you are looking for a two-row distribution box, the Kopp brand offers us one of the best options on the market right now. This box has everything we can look for, thanks to the fact that it has been manufactured with very good materials.

When buying it, you should know that it can be purchased in gray or black, with gray being the most demanded. I do not want to forget to mention that it includes accessories and connector blocks, which makes the picture much more complete. I can assure you that when you try it for a few weeks, you will be very satisfied with the purchase made.

ABS plastic electrical box

Another electrical panel of two rows that in my opinion is another good option, both for quality and for price. And is that this model stands out for having a very competitive price.

If you are looking for a frame to use with a maximum power of 100 A, I can assure you that it will always give you very good results. To this we must add that, with an environmental protection system, which makes it another very safe option within this list. It has an operating voltage of 240 / 415V. This white plastic box will be very well integrated.

Gewiss electrical panel

From this electrical panel I was very impressed by its design, which is one of the most modern on the market. But not only stands out for its design, but also stands out for its quality. We are facing a high quality box that is very well priced. All this makes that, if we value the price quality, the note is high.

It has a transparent leg that allows you to see the thermals, while these are always protected. Opening the door is very easy. Just press and the door opens laterally. The door hinge is on the left side.

Electrical panel debflex

Now I present an electrical panel that is ready to withstand everything that is put on top, even it is resistant to water, hence it is another of the most demanded models. Of course, its price is higher, because it includes all protection systems.

It has a waterproof Ip65 box and a small gray precable door with a type AC differential switch. To this we must add another 16 A phase + neutral switch with two plugs. It is quite easy to install and the results are good, so I included it in this list.

Kopp Flush electrical panel

I present to you again another painting of two rows that will make everything very well protected, while elegance will be present at all times. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful paintings on the market.

It has a transparent door with hinge on the left side that includes a small lock to manually open the door or close it. The pack includes everything you may need, that is, it has the accessories and the clamping bar for easy installation. This electrical panel is available in several colors.

Maxge electric box

Through this electrical panel you will be able to enjoy a total of five modules. Although you can buy with more modules if desired. If it suits what you’re looking for, I recommend it. It is a picture of very good quality and a very cheap price. If you want to save, this box is what you need to buy.

This model has been manufactured in polycarbonate and meets all safety regulations. It has a transparent plastic door that opens upwards, without forgetting that the installation is really simple. It also includes an energy efficiency class A.

Esr electrical panel

This electrical panel has a main switch of 6MCB and all the insulators that prevent us from having an accident when touching it.

This model includes six magnetic circuit breakers with a 100 amp isolating switch. In addition, it has been manufactured so that it can be installed anywhere, it can even be put in the open air, since it is resistant. The box has been manufactured in plastic. Of course, before buying it is important that you notice if it adapts to your home, because it is not suitable for all. Keep this fact in mind if you decide to buy this electrical panel.

Aluminum electrical panel

Finally I want to talk about a model that has been manufactured with aluminum, that is, is different from other market options

This box is a little peculiar, so it is not suitable for all kinds of needs, while including a height of 20cm and a width of 30cm. The color is aluminum, since it does not include any type of dye and has a total of 16 entries. If you are looking for something different, it may be a good buy for you.

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