Seven simple ways to maintain a healthy roof

healthy roof

Maintaining your roof is vitally important to the overall health of your property. Damage to a roof can cause leaks and lead to structural damage to the building over time. Regular checks of various elements of the roof can help you ensure you’re keeping everything in top condition.

healthy roof

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Branch trimming

If you have any trees close to the roof that tend to overhang, be sure to trim the branches regularly. Leaves can collect on the roof, and the moisture can cause the fabric of the tiles to deteriorate over time. In addition to branch trimming, clean the roof of any leaves every winter.

Chimney Maintenance

Keep an eye on the mortar of your chimney as any damage can cause chimney bricks to fall, which can damage the roof tiles.


Make sure gutters are regularly cleaned; the buildup of leaves can actually cause moisture to make its way under the tiles and potentially cause structural damage to the roof itself.

healthy roof

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Avoid ice dams

Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts from the warmth coming out of the roof and then freezes again when it collects as water around the edges. Ice dams can cause a lot of damage over time. Make sure your roof stays cool rather than hot.

New Sealant

Check the sealant in your roof periodically, looking out for rips, tears or a general decrease in quality. You should remove the old roof sealant and apply more immediately. Applying new roof sealant can prevent small leaks and help avoid more extensive damage. The excellent range of roof sealants available at ct1ltd will have exactly what you need.

Check for rust

Most roofs have some metallic elements, and it’s important to check these for rust regularly. Brush rust away with a wire brush and treat the metal at the same time if necessary.

Tile replacement

Replacing worn, broken, missing, damaged or rotten tiles with new ones is very important. Check your tiles each year.

A lot of the maintenance that is needed to keep a healthy roof can be carried out by a homeowner, although it is worth getting a professional in from time to time. If you find significant damage on a routine check, be sure to call in a professional.

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