How Reliable Are Combi Boilers?

If you’re looking to replace your boiler in Gloucester, then you may be considering a combi boiler. These clever units replace the need for a large separate water tank by providing heating and hot water on demand.

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But how reliable is a combi boiler? And is it the right replacement boiler for your property?

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Should I Choose a Combi Boiler?

Combi boilers are cheaper to install and maintain and more efficient than old-style system boilers. They’re also space-efficient and save you time and money with hot water almost instantly.

If you have a larger house with more than one bathroom, a combi may not be for you, as you can’t run more than one bath or shower at a time. Overall, a combi boiler makes a smart choice for the smaller home that wants to maximise space and reduce bills.

How Reliable Is a Combi Boiler?

The reliability of any combi boiler depends on the quality of the components used – particularly the heat exchanger. Because this type of boiler is far less complex than a more traditional model, there’s less to go wrong and they’re much cheaper to install. If you’re looking for boiler installation Gloucester homeowners find cost-effective, contact a reputable company like Bear in mind that the quality of the installation can directly impact the reliability of the boiler itself.

Combi boilers not only have a reputation for reliability, but they’re safer too. Any water fed into the system always comes directly from the mains rather than sitting in a tank exposed to potential contaminants. That means your heating system runs cleaner too, because there’s less sludge and debris build-up. In turn that means your radiators will heat up more quickly and evenly and be more efficient and reliable.

Since this type of boiler is now the norm in most modern houses, it’s easy to find a Gas Safe registered engineer when your combi boiler needs a service or you do run into a problem. Regular servicing is critical to the continued reliability of your boiler.

Making the Right Choice

It can seem daunting when it comes to replacing a boiler. But if you bear in mind the energy-efficiency savings and the overall reliability of modern combi boilers over conventional boilers, the choice is clear – for peace of mind, go combi.

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