Key ideas to decorate with wallpaper

wall decoration with paper

Renewing the color of the walls of your home does not mean having to repaint the whole house. You can choose to decorate with wallpaper to give a different and original touch to your home. You will not have to resort to the brush to change the appearance of the rooms. Of course, you have to take into account that the paper will fix more attention , so you also have the option of not putting it on all the walls, but only in one. In this way you can focus your attention on a specific place, whichever you want. Next we are going to give some key ideas to decorate with wallpaper that you can not miss, especially if you are thinking of putting the paper yourself. Do not miss it!

Tips for decorating with wallpaper

If you want to expand the space wall decoration with paper

The wallpaper can also help you create sensations of amplitude , so it is ideal for small dining rooms or rooms where you have a little more space. The paper in a white color will help you to give that feeling by its contribution of light. This will also happen to you with the full range of light colors, from beige to ecru.

To further enhance this feeling, we advise you to opt for plain designs . You can also place a paper in 3D since having reliefs will provide volume and give a much deeper optical vision that will make the space seem much wider.

If you want to reduce or shrink the space wall decoration with paper

On the other hand, if you want a room to look more cozy, it is best to opt for a wallpaper with warm, but intense tones . Reddish, ocher, boiler color, gold, brown …, are colors that will make the space seem smaller. You can also choose to decorate with wallpaper that has large and striking prints. This way you can make that big room look a little more homelike.

In addition, as a recommendation we will also tell you that you can opt for wooden shelves and wooden floors. It is the best way to make a large room , for example, more comfortable.

If you want to extend the space wall decoration with paper

The stripes will help you lengthen a space. Of course, choose the vertical and thin lines, as far as possible, since they are the ones that will help you achieve this effect you are looking for. If you choose horizontal and wide stripes, you will be able to enlarge the room, but not lengthen it.

Another highly recommended option is to decorate with floral wallpaper. The flowers , as long as they follow a specific line, will make your space longer. So choose a role that you like and get down to work. What the time is on you!

If you want to highlight a concrete wall wall decoration with paper

The paper, being more striking than the painting gets all your guests to focus their attention on a specific area, so if that is what you are looking for, we recommend that you book decorating with wallpaper for only one part of the room . In addition, the fact of putting paper on a single wall will not make it look bigger or narrower, longer or wider, it will remain the same but it will decorate the same room much more.

Keep in mind that putting a paper on a single wall will also help you to give personality since you can choose the paper that you like the most. It is not necessary that it be a clear or dark paper, no, it will be the paper that you like the most. Flowers, drawings, stripes, smooth, bright colors, muted colors …, everything you want and more.

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