Why taking some Emergency First Aid Training Courses could save your child’s life at Home

Looking after babies, toddlers and small children in the safety of your own home should be straightforward and relatively easy, but children can be accident prone and you never know when you will be called upon to administer some basic first-aid or even perform a potentially life-saving procedure!  If you have had the experience of participating in some professionally led Emergency First aid training, carried out by a fully qualified Instructor, working for an Agency such as http://www.tidaltraining.co.uk you will be in the best position possible to potentially save your child’s life should they be involved in a serious or life-threatening accident.

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Babies put things in their mouths so there is always the possibility of choking, toddlers notoriously fall over so your child could cut their leg or badly graze an arm, older children learn to ride bikes and skateboards so there is always the danger of a broken limb.  Being taught how to remain calm at all times, how to reassure your child and how to administer first aid correctly is a life skill that all parents should have.

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Potentially serious and life-threatening, medical conditions such as Asthma and experiencing an Anaphylactic Shock due to an extreme allergic reaction are unfortunately common in our modern world. Learning how to keep a child safe with either of these conditions is also an essential skill. Administering an Adrenaline Injector or other emergency procedures are taught at these incredible training courses, for the Health and Safety of your child, enrol on at least one.

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