4 Important Safety Tips for Study Abroad Students

When you travel abroad – no matter if you are getting a study abroad degree from Seattle University or if you are going on a solo sojourn – you always want to be aware and concerned for your safety. In a lot of countries, the locals tend to pray on tourists because they are easy targets. Most of the time it’s a stolen wallet or credit card, but there have been some more violent cases. This is exactly why you want to keep a number of safety concerns in mind. The object of keeping these things in mind is so that you can not only stay safe, but also enjoy yourself. Traveling in college can usually offer a once in a lifetime experience, but only if you do it right and avoid some of the more common dangers.

Here are four important safety tips for study abroad students.

  1. Keep Your Belongings Safe

One of the most important tips is that you want to keep your belongings safe and sound. When you walk around, you don’t want your wallet hanging out and you don’t want your purse to be open. The key is to keep everything very concealed. If it looks like you are an easy target, you will be taken advantage of. When it comes to keeping your valuables safe in your hotel rooms or hostel, you may want to find a secure locker or safe. When you leave, there is no telling how safe your items are, especially if you are sharing a big room.

  1. Never Walk Home Alone

When you are coming home late from class, a party or a bar, you want to remember to have a friend by your side. If you are alone, you will be vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you will be vulnerable. If you don’t know anyone to walk home with, you may want to call a taxi or ask a local police officer for help. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in a remote, foreign country where you don’t know any of the customs.

  1. Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

On top of walking home with a friend, you want to always be aware of your surroundings. It doesn’t matter if it is day or night, you want to keep a look out. The last thing you want is to wander into the wrong neighborhood and you don’t want to find yourself in harm’s way. In fact, before you venture off and explore, you may want to do some research. If you are getting an MBA in sustainable business and your class is in a certain sector of the city, you want to find the safest path to where you are going.

  1. Don’t Give Out Your Personal Information

Of course, you never want to give out your personal and private information. If you do, you could be in serious trouble. There are people all the time that are trying to steal people’s identities. Moreover, your financial information could be at risk. When you are traveling the world, you don’t want to be left open and vulnerable.

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