Place in Europe-Are you one of those who need to travel to disconnect? Does the wanderlust gene run through your veins? Congratulations, you are one of ours.

The trips and trips of 3/4 days are the perfect occasion to leave behind everything that binds us to the routine of everyday life, disconnect from studies and work, or any problem that torments you. As it is said, traveling heals the soul. And although we are not sure of its physiological efficacy, of course traveling has more than positive effects for inner happiness.

One of the advantages of place in Europe is that it is relatively easy to travel from one end of the continent to the next in a maximum of 4 or 5 hours. Taking a flight from Spain. You can fly to a large number of cities in which to escape for a couple of days. From the emblematic place in Europe such as Paris, Rome and London, to lesser-known cities. But not worse, for example, Krakow, Sofia, Tallinn or Antwerp.

Thanks to the low-cost airlines, it is becoming easier and more economical to find bargains and offers of return flights from $ 15. Traveling has never been so simple. So you know, if you need a break from your routine and your hectic daily pace: traveling is the solution.



The getaways are ideal to know those cities that are not big enough to spend a week in them. But that have corners full of charm and magic. Place in Europe, the vast majority of cities, with a visit for a couple of days, is enough to give us a general idea of ​​what the city itself is. And if really, you’re left wanting more, you can always come back!

At the entrance of this week of the blog of Broadminded Travel, we bring you the 5 best places in Europe to escape for a couple of days and disconnect from the routine while you are surrounded by impressive sites, culture, nature … Do not miss it!


We started our list of recommendations very strongly. As if it were a fairy tale, Prague is one of the most beautiful and magical capitals of Europe. The boom of tourists in recent years in the capital of Czech Republic, endorse the great beauty of this city in the heart of Central place in Europe.

The architectural ensemble of the Old Town Square will leave you breathless. In it is the church of Our Lady of Tyn with its two asymmetrical towers and the belfry of the town hall with its famous Astronomical Clock that unfortunately is out of service for restoration.

Undoubtedly, the essential tourist spot of Prague, where you can breathe an atmosphere with a bustle that characterizes the frenetic pace of the heart of the old city of Prague. This is the starting point of many Free Tours in the area, many of them in Spanish.

Another of the most beautiful areas of Prague is the area of ​​the Castle, after crossing the impressive Charles Bridge, the link between the Old City and the part of the Castle.

The Charles Bridge is one of the most emblematic and magical walks in Prague. Its cobbled pedestrian road and flanked by Victorian streetlights and sculptures, will transport you to another era. Of course, we must warn you that it is the point of the city most visited by tourists. The number of people trying to move from one point in the city to another can be overwhelming at peak times. Therefore, it is advisable to enjoy the walks on the bridge in the morning or in the evening.

Prague is the ideal European city to escape a weekend or three days. Without being of an excessively large size. The districts of Prague and their distribution allow you to know the city and the most emblematic points in a couple of days.


We do not want to lower the bar so high that Prague has left, so our next recommendation is: Krakow. The second most important city in Poland. Krakow is a city full of magical corners and full of history and culture.

The Market Square in Krakow is one of the most beautiful and large squares in Europe. Located in the center of the historic center. It is surrounded by colorful palaces and houses of medieval origin. In this same square, right in the center. We can visit the Cloth Hall, an old business center where merchants used to operate, during the 15th and 16th centuries. All types of exotic items, spices and silks arrived in exchange. Cracovians offered salt from the Wieliczka mines and fabrics. Today the building houses souvenir shops, where we can buy typical products from Krakow.


Known for its bridges over the Douro River and also for its famous wine. Oporto is the second most important city in Portugal. After Lisbon, the capital. It is a vibrant, fascinating and very comfortable place to visit in a few days. Which is why it attracts many tourists throughout the year. The city counts as a lot of history, a great variety of tourist attractions and a fun nightlife.

On one side of the city you can see the Douro River, with the Port wine cellars and on the other side the old town. Its old town was declared a World Heritage Site, due to its beautiful baroque churches and winding streets. Similarly, the old district of Ribeira, is considered the most beautiful and colorful area of ​​the city, its small streets full of stones, covers the squares of Avenida dos Aliados.


Lisbon is a city that falls in love with its history, its trams, its monuments and its bridges. The reasons to visit this city are endless and more to want to return to it. In Lisbon we can find offers and plans for all tastes.

Walk through its neighborhoods and let yourself be trapped by each one of them. We have for example the neighborhood La Baixa, which is the most central of the city, and is where the main shops and most entertainment. There are also the most emblematic streets and squares. Another important site for the city is the Chiado and Bairro Alto, which represent the most bohemian and alternative Lisbon.

Finally we find Belem, which must be an unmissable stop, a place where very important monuments can be found. Another area that catches the attention of visitors is the Parque de las Naciones, where the second largest aquarium in Europe is located, the famous Vasco de Gama Tower, which is an excellent vantage point and the Vasco de Gama bridge, that with its almost 18 kilometers is the longest place in Europe.

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