Why is team building important?

Often when the subject of team building exercises gets mentioned at work, people will groan, and some may argue that there’s no point to them. They might think the team is functioning as well as it can be and there’s no need to give up extra time to engage in pointless activities. If you’re facing such negative reactions, then it might be time to remind everyone about the solid benefits of engaging in such activities and maybe think a little outside of the box when organising your team event. Perhaps enlist the services of a Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham company to bring a new dimension to your event, such as team cocktail making.  Here are just a few you could mention to those doubting work colleagues:

  1. Competition

Whilst many believe that competitiveness is not a pleasant trait, it is in fact a very important part of team success. If you have a close-knit team that don’t want to compete against each other then, think about the idea of encouraging competition with another department or another company. That should inspire even the most jaded of colleagues. Competition has been proven to improve productivity and the key to success is to incorporate this into a fun and engaging activity. You could bring an element of competition and see who can make the best cocktail or mocktail.

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  1. Socialising

When working with people from all backgrounds and different ages, team building events can encourage socialising when it might not otherwise be possible. It’s another way of boosting productivity too, as people start to gel better and understand each other more effectively. Spending time having fun with colleagues is a great way to find out about hidden talents, things in common and seeing people in a different light. Help your daily workplace run more smoothly by boosting morale.

  1. Teamwork Projects

By engaging in teamwork activities outside the work environment, staff will learn each other’s strengths, weaknesses and preferences which can relate to better teamwork during work-based team projects. Smoother running project working can only benefit the company’s future progress.

  1. Celebration

Everyone likes to have fun and if you’ve completed a challenge together and been successful, then it’s cause to celebrate. This is great motivation as the team wants to challenge themselves and win at more activities. The feel-good factor and following celebrations should inspire people to bring their A-game to their job too.

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  1. Innovation

Imaginative ideas are more forthcoming when people feel comfortable around each other. A group of workers who have engaged in team bonding will be more likely to use creativity, imagination and innovation when dealing with problems or identifying the need for new processes or products. Colleagues are also more likely to collaborate with others on ideas and find people to help with projects, knowing who has the right strengths.

  1. Communication

Everyone prefers working in a place where they feel comfortable, listened to, appreciated and able to communicate effectively. As much as some people may complain about having to engage in team building activities, what they don’t realise is that their work environment is improving every time a team spends more time together on fun challenges and collaborative exercises.



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