What Are Some of the Most Popular Mobile Games?

If you haven’t heard of Candy Crush Saga, you’re in for a treat! It seems like the hit game has been around since the dawn of Facebook, but it only came out in 2012. This game has spawned countless imitators, and match-three games have become extremely popular, with many of them surpassing 10 million active players daily. The most popular games in the world are definitely made for mobile devices. For mobile phones, consider Vodafone Store Ireland like King Communications.

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There are hundreds of new mobile games released each week, but only a select few can make the cut. The list below includes games that have received the highest number of downloads. The genres include racing, puzzle, and action games. These games aren’t necessarily the most polished, but they do provide solid gaming experiences. Whether you’re interested in puzzles, strategy, or both, there’s a mobile game for you so head to a Vodafone Store Ireland today.

For the action-RPG genre, Genshin Impact is a free mobile action role-playing game with an anime-inspired open world. Genshin Impact features a layered storyline, an action-based battle system, and character switching. It takes place in the fictional Teyvat nation. It follows a traveller’s journey with his dog, Paimon. In the process, the traveller gets caught up in the affairs of the nation, which is where he meets his fate.

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Another popular game is the Call of Duty game. Launched in 2019, this competitive shooter series features extensive customization options, including fine-tuning weapons. Besides that, Call of Duty Mobile offers ranked mode, multiplayer modes, and more. These games are wildly popular for a variety of reasons, but a common thread is the inclusion of Call of Duty characters and popular franchises.


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