The maligned but magnificent TR7

Triumph had something of a reputation for being a fine Motorbike and Car builder. It had been in existence since the start of the century. The Spitfire was one of its most iconic and well-loved sports car marques. It seemed logical that they would look to make another for the modern era. The answer was the Triumph TR7. It would be the most modern-looking and advanced, plus affordable sports car on the market. They are now considered something of a collectable and cult car (they were used in programmes like the New Avengers). As a result, they need to be protected. Luckily a CCTV Gloucester based company like can provide that protection with coverage.

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The car was a distinct wedge shape. Its designer was the same as the also derided Princess. It was made mainly for the North American market, and the demand was huge. The innovative design included “pop up” headlights, meaning that the car could maintain its aerodynamic shape and keep its speed without having a flat front.

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The four-cylinder engine, which could go up to a five-speed manual gearbox, unprecedented for a road car in the 1970s, was able to reach speeds of 135 mph. This was a speed that placed it well above other road cars at the time. Its main draw was that it looked futuristic at a time when cars were seen as “boxy” and dull.

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