Reasons to Visit Gloucester Cathedral

If you’re looking for Local Things to do in Gloucester, then why not visit the cathedral? You can take in the views of the surrounding countryside while climbing the cathedral’s tower. You can also take the hour-long tower tour, which takes you up the medieval staircase and includes a visit to the ringing chamber. Kids over six can take the tour, too. For more information, check out the Gloucester Cathedral website.

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Gloucester Cathedral is the most popular landmark in the city, and for good reason. With its fascinating history and royal connections, it is a must-see attraction for visitors. While you’re there, make sure to visit the Bishop Hooper Memorial, located near the St Mary de Lode Church. Dedicated to Bishop Hooper, this monument commemorates the protestant bishop who was burned at the stake in 1555.

Another interesting feature of the cathedral is its cloisters. The cloisters have a charming central garden and a fan vaulted ceiling. You may recognise the cloisters from the filming of the Harry Potter franchise. Another interesting feature of the cathedral is its Cope Chests, which were created in the 1360s to store the expensive ceremonial robes worn by medieval abbots. Today, there are only two other remaining examples in the United Kingdom. For more information on Local Things to do in Gloucester, go to Local Things To Do.

The cathedral was once under the control of King William the Conqueror, who commissioned the Domesday book. This work helped the Abbey gather wealth. In 1089, construction of a new abbey in the Norman style began. In the 14th century, Gloucester Cathedral became more popular and was visited by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. At that time, the cathedral was the most important place of worship in the region.

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In the 1340s, King Edward II was buried in the cathedral. Pilgrims flocked to his tomb after he died. King Charles II preserved the cathedral, and his son ordered a shrine-like monument to commemorate him.

A great way to learn more about the history of the cathedral is to download its app. It contains augmented reality features and interactive content. You can listen to stories and meet characters inside the cathedral, and even unlock secret content. Whether you’re a history buff or an amateur, you’ll be sure to find a new way to learn more about this magnificent structure. If you’re looking for a day out with the family, Gloucester Cathedral is a great place to visit.



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