Product launch ideas that get results

Launching a new product can be a daunting process, especially for a new business or brand. The key is to get noticed, which can be difficult; however, it can be useful to model and adapt ideas used by professionals and well-known brands.

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Social media can be used to your advantage, especially since most adults operate at least one Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account. The aim is to attract attention and create a buzz around the product while spending as little cash as possible. An expertly created social media teaser is a good way to inform a global audience that there may be an exciting development in the pipeline. It is a good idea to begin a month before the launch date to whet people’s appetites, then post updates and images to make them curious. Scheduling posts to be visible at peak time is another excellent tip.

Shift the focus to the consumers rather than the product

The emphasis should be on how the product can benefit customers. If it is a product that solves a problem and reduces time wastage, this can be a key selling point as it is exactly what customers want to know. If the campaign is directed toward the customer, there will be higher engagement.

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For companies that want to grow or expand their brands, a Gloucestershire branding agency can assist with the journey from start to completion. A Gloucestershire branding agency will offer a friendly, professional service for your branding campaign. According to Adweek chicken chain Popeyes is set to become a brand leader thanks to some smart marketing moves.

Short and engaging videos can drive the brand

Creating videos can take more time and effort than simple posts, but they can have a bigger impact. Short, sharp and catchy is key, as people will not want to watch long-drawn-out videos that don’t get to the point. The visual material has to be engaging.

Building suspense also generates talk about the brand, which ties in with creating minimal teasers. Get an influencer on board to further generate interest, and don’t forget to plan a launch of the product. This presents the opportunity to have it noticed in the media and will enable the audience to take the product seriously. Create a giveaway for followers and enable them to reap the rewards.

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