How to build your brand with PR

Public relations builds brands and that’s a fact! In this article we take a look at how this works and what works best.

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Whether you are working with Cheltenham PR or the same in Chelmsford, you want the best possible advice. You haven’t got time to delve into the science of PR, so here are some helpful tips.

Put simply, PR is one step ahead of advertising as it gives your brand credibility; consumers want authenticity above most other things in today’s fast paced world of many fakes, so PR really is the best fit.

Tell us a story

In essence, PR is just one big story; don’t be fooled by PR companies that try to tell you it is some complicated (and expensive) science that requires the ability to walk on the moon; for more facts told in plain English visit Such stories help build brands if they are told in a way that is honest and offers connection to the relevant audience. It really is that simple!

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Yes, the relevant audience!

PR ensures that brands reach the right people; if you are telling a story about the launch of baby yoga, you will be missing a trick if you solely target single people over 70. Public relations brings focus to ensuring you are reaching the right people and developing the messages you want them to hear.

The right channels

So you have your story and you know who you want to tell it to; the next question is how? The most effective PR can help you here. Research skills in public relations are vital and can tell you what people read, how they best like to receive information and how important social media platforms are to them.


We’ve said it before and we will say it again! PR can enhance a brand’s credibility by creating thought provoking expert content which people want to engage with. Developing recognition as an expert in your field is a vital premise to successful PR.

A lasting relationship

The old adage that PR is about relationships is just as strong today. A brand with reputation is an excellent start, but engaging in an open and trustworthy way with your customers and the media leads to loyalty being developed, and the payback is enormous.

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