Top ways to improve manufacturing efficiency

Manufacturing businesses need to identify ways in which they can be more efficient in order to remain competitive on a global scale. This means improving quality, reducing costs and optimising productivity.

Becoming more efficient is important for every manufacturing business, but particularly for businesses that may be struggling to recruit replacements for an ageing workforce. Six ways that efficiency can be improved are detailed below.

1. Employ lean manufacturing principles

The five lean manufacturing principles detail the way in which continuous improvements can be made within a business in order to drive productivity and efficiency into business-as-usual activities.

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  1. Incentivise employeesProductive and engaged employees work harder and are more committed to their roles. By incentivising them appropriately, it is possible to realise significant benefits in terms of their productivity and morale.

    3. Automate repetitive and mundane functions

    Nothing saps morale more than performing the same mundane job time and time again. Automating these activities allows staff to focus on value-added tasks. In addition, automation also improves quality control and, in many cases, also increases the speed with which these activities are performed.

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4. Give staff the right tools for the job

By providing staff with tools and equipment that make it easy to do a good job, they will work more productively, more collaboratively and more safely.

5. Predictive maintenance

Preventing machinery breakdowns through predictive maintenance can realise significant cost benefits as well as reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Many rubber moulding factories have installed sensors on their machinery to alert operators to potential issues, thus allowing them to be resolved quickly and efficiently.

6. Prioritise customer satisfaction

The aim of every smart business should be to deliver the products that the customer wants. Companies such as  regularly engage with their customers to predict future trends and to adjust designs in order to ensure that customer loyalty is maintained.

By implementing a multifaceted approach to improving efficiency, updating existing processes and embedding new technologies, your manufacturing business will realise great benefits in terms of cost, quality, and productivity.

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