How can employers support their staff through the economic crisis?

The cost-of-living crisis is very much a reality for many workers across the UK. Many people are struggling with increased energy bills and rising costs. There are a number of measures employers can take to help ease the pressure of rising prices on staff.

What can employers do to help staff who struggle to buy food?

A good employer might want to provide a range of breakfast cereals for workers who arrive at the office early, or even sandwiches for lunch for the entire team. Additional snacks can also be placed in the canteen to allow employees to help themselves. Common household items such as tinned soup and sanitary products can also be made available for staff to take discreetly. A small gesture such as this can help to motivate and retain employees.

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Consider a one-off payment to help families with rising costs

A pay rise or a one-off payment will assist many families in the current cost-of-living crisis. Firms may wish to consider a modest pay rise to acknowledge employees’ commitment and service and encourage them to remain with the company. A one-off payment or even a fuel voucher can help many struggling families.

Retailer discounts can be of benefit to families

A company can negotiate a range of discounts with local retailers and even offer discounts on experiences, days out and meals out at restaurants. This will allow families to benefit, especially coming up to Christmas.

Consider offering help towards travel and commuting costs

Companies can offer an added payment towards petrol and diesel costs for motorists, or they can pay for the cost of a bus or rail ticket. For those who pay for parking, some companies allow staff to claim back the cost. With rising fuel prices, commuters are spending more than ever on transport to and from work. A small touch such as this ensures staff remain loyal for longer.

Ensure a harmonious working environment

A pleasant working environment can assist employees’ mental health and there should also be an appropriate whistleblowing policy. Fairness and adherence to the law is also essential, otherwise, a company could find itself in legal difficulties. Employees wishing to bring a constructive dismissal claim against their employer can contact Employment Law Friend who will be able to provide a professional and personalised service. As an example, according to the Irish Times, an ex-distillery employee who had been recruited for a marketing job but was put on the factory floor has won his case for constructive dismissal.

Allow people to reduce their commute by working from home

Working from home is welcomed by many and it is advantageous as staff can save money on transport and commuting. A wide variety of roles can be carried out at home, from information technology to sales, marketing and management.

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Signposting and offering contact details for mental health and finance resources

With mental health very much to the fore of modern life, companies may wish to provide information and helpline numbers for their staff. This can cover not only mental health but also finances, given the current cost of living. This information can be displayed in communal areas to allow employees to benefit discreetly from the assistance that charities and other organisations can provide.

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