How to knit a scarf with a box

A simple method to make a knitted scarf without using needles or need any prior knowledge.The scarves are pieces that we all love in winter, and also become very practical in autumn and spring to take shelter and  as we need, when we walk into a refrigerated or when autumn begins place.

This scarf, besides being pretty, warm and comfortable, has the advantage of being made very easily, without needles , or know how to knit!

how to make a nonwoven scarf

To do it, you will only need to build your own small loom with a cardboard box, which can be children’s shoes, or disposable handkerchiefs. If you use the latter and get those that have an opening in the center, it will be even easier.


– Wool

– Cardboard box (preferably of paper handkerchiefs)

– Scissors

– Paper adhesive tape


Take the box of tissues and remove the base. If it is not very resistant, you can use two, one inside another.

1.Cut around the edge of the box in a jagged way, as you can see in the photograph. So you will make a small loom.

2. Take one end of the wool and tie it on one of the teeth of the box. Then, start turning the wool over to all the teeth, as you see in the images. You must complete two laps. In this way, you will be knitting in the same way as a circular loom.

3. When you have completed the two full turns, you should start to take the wool from below, on each tooth, from the outside to the inside, above the one above. You can see this procedure in detail in the final video.

4. When you have completed one round taking out the wool, roll one more lap. And then remove the wool below.

5. Repeat until you have a scarf of the size you want. The tissue will be like a tube, thick and warm and with a hole in the center. You can help with the hole in the tissue box to accommodate the tissue. When you finish, before taking the last turn, pass the loose end of the wool inside each tooth, so that you can then pull and knot it, so that it does not disarm.

This method of weaving is very easy and, if you are wrong, you can remove it from the loom, unweave it and put it back together again. It is a job that can be shared with children who like to make crafts.

If you want to make a scarf of different colors, you just have to cut the wool and knot a new color.

Explore different designs and combinations!

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