Why it’s better to have engaged employees

Successful businesses care a great deal about employee engagement these days. You might not think it but there is a direct link between employee engagement and customer satisfaction. In the past, companies would focus solely on the customer, but are now realising that if employees aren’t engaged, then customers won’t be getting the best from them either. Here are some further benefits to keeping your employees engaged:

Better retention

Retaining your employees is crucial to avoid losing staff that you invested in and trained. This helps to reduce HR costs, fosters a growth from within attitude and ultimately improves customer service. When employees feel challenged and enjoy their work, they don’t have a reason to look for another job.

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Improved productivity

When someone is enjoying what they do, they far more likely to do a better job and work harder. This also means taking less time off, having better mental health and creating more positive working relationships. All these factors help to boost productivity levels. Studies have shown that engaged employees are 17% more productive. Help to develop your team’s working relationships with regular opportunities to bond and team events. For an Events Agency Dublin, visit https://davisevents.ie/

Employee satisfaction

Engagement and satisfaction are separate things. Satisfaction is how much someone enjoys their work. An employee can enjoy being at work but still not be effective – thus they are satisfied but not engaged. Being engaged and satisfied should go hand in hand, with an engaged employee being more effective in their role and more likely to strive towards the company’s goals.

Better profitability

How engaged your employees are will impact levels of profitability. This is mostly an indirect benefit through the impact of the above points. With improved retention, productivity and customer satisfaction, improved profits should naturally follow.

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More scope for innovation

For a business to continue growing and being successful, it must be innovative. There is a large correlation between engagement and innovation. When an employee is given a chance to be innovative in their positions, it increases their feelings of engagement and satisfaction. Engaged employees are more passionate about their work, perform at a higher level and take more ownership of work within the company. This helps foster an atmosphere where employees can think outside the box, challenge the norm and find better ways of working.

The best customer service

How well an employee serves a customer is directly impacted by how engaged they feel in their role. The more engaged and happier an employee is, the more likely they are to provide an excellent customer experience. The employee will be more positive about the company and this will reflect in the way they deal with the customer. Engaged employees care more about the work they do and the customers they serve. This is important for the business as 70% of consumers spend 13% more when they are given outstanding customer service.






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