Alternative wedding gift ideas

Gone are the days of getting married and then moving in together; also gone is the need for toasters and towels as wedding presents What do you buy for the bride and groom who already have everything they need for their marital home?

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Here are some ideas for presents so that you can avoid boring old money or vouchers and spend your time worrying about your wedding guest dresses instead.

Something personal

A personal present that can be kept forever is always a winner when it comes to wedding gifts, and we are not just talking about names hanging in a frame. Why not get a print of the song lyrics of the couple’s favourite song or a framed compass print with the coordinates of the wedding venue or where they first met? Do they love a TV series or did they fall in love while watching a famous film trilogy? Perhaps it was over a shared hobby? Why not go down the personal route by getting them something to hang on the wall relating to this with the wedding date included in the print.

Honeymoon surprises

Are the happy couple off on honeymoon soon after the big day? If so, why not sneakily organise an activity or special dinner in the location. If they are jetting off to New York, book Broadway tickets or a baseball game. If they are heading to South East Asia, plan a dinner on the beach for them. Find out where they are staying and contact the hotel for help with the arrangements. They will love that you have put time and thought into this rather than money in a card. While you are researching the details, you can spend time looking for your own dress for the day from retailers such as

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A helping hand

One of the simplest and most welcome gifts is help with something for the big day. If you are great at makeup, hair, flower arranging or altering dresses, offer your time on these as your gift. Arrange a sweet cart or offer to sort a camera and props for a photo booth. You will forever feel included in the big day and the bride and groom will be so grateful that you have saved them money and stress on the most expensive day they are likely to have.

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