What dress to choose according to your silhouette

dressing implies having a full knowledge of our body. Each time we choose a garment, we are betting on a mold that will unquestionably exert a very clear effect whether positive or negative.

There are no halftones when talking about this topic, and as time passes we can find more and more information about it, whether in magazines, blogs or even in some stores, where image consultants advise us to make the best choice to our needs.

So whether you are familiar with this or not, here we share a guide that can be very useful when choosing a basic garment for the closet. We’ve already seen how to choose pants and coats , now it’s the dress’s turn. Many women sigh when they see this item in its different versions, but few are the ones who dare to inquire more about shapes, cuts and colors for fear? It does not look good. Then we will inform ourselves to not have excuses and encourage us to wear more dresses.

Silhouette Pear / Triangle

It is named for having greater volume in the hip area, well marked waist and narrow shoulders. It is a super feminine and fascinating silhouette to choose clothes. Depending on how you feel each one, you can choose dresses that emphasize the hip or dissimulate it with the goal that create more symmetry with the width of the shoulders.

What dresses to wear? Mermaid court dresses, straight cut (V-neck), dresses with boat neck and off the shoulders, as well as armed to the body.

Inverted Triangle Silhouette

All contrary to the previous, here the most notorious volume is in the area of ​​the back, also with marked waist and very narrow hips. It is a silhouette that is quite common in athletes and you can choose to mark your back even more or increase volume in the hips area with the help of clothes.

What dresses to wear? Those with halter neck, neck type ??? Marilyn ??? apron, dresses ??? or bell, midi dresses, trapezium cut, those with only one sleeve, and with textures or strong colors in the lower part of the body.

Hourglass silhouette

It is said that it is the most harmonious or symmetrical silhouette, since it is usually a bit easier to find garments that fit this shape. Both shoulders and hips have the same width, and the waist is super marked. You can choose garments that mark the silhouette, as well as play with increasing volume in certain areas of the body.

What dresses to wear? Mermaid cut, trapeze cut, asymmetric, shirt dresses, with ruffles on the sleeves or bottom, dressed with halter neck.

Rectangle Silhouette

It is a silhouette that has shoulders, waist and hips aligned almost at the same height. In this case almost always the objective is to mark the waist, so they are chosen dresses with belts, draped in that area.

Apple Silhouette

In many cases this type of silhouette can be complex if you do not have enough information to enhance it and achieve greater symmetry in its proportions. The characteristics are: shoulders and narrow hips, and a waist with a lot of volume, which can frustrate the moment of dressing, since you have to choose many loose garments, without taking into account molds or colors that would define the silhouette better.

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