8 cheap trips around Europe for your vacations

The long awaited summer holidays have already arrived . It does not matter if you have decided to travel in June, July, August or September, for us everything that has the word ‘vacation’ is summer and whatever the month, it is always welcome, why not the summer in November? who said fear? Be it ever, if you have not yet chosen your holiday destination , but are looking for and catching a cheap trip through Europe , we give you 8 perfect destinations for your low cost economy .

Keep in mind that, generally, European capitals are more expensive , so we can not recommend you to travel to Paris, London, Amsterdam or Rome, if you want to enjoy cheap holidays , but some of our destinations It will allow you to escape to these cities even if you spend most of your time in another part of the country.

Now yes … grab “road and blanket” because … we’re going on a trip to Europe! Check these travel guides , they can give you an approximation of the money you would need to travel to some cities in Europe or New York.

Cheap holidays in Europe

Lisbon in Portugal 

The capital of Lisbon is a perfect destination for a cheap holiday in Europe . It is the ideal mix between tourism, disconnection and running. The open character of its inhabitants will make this trip something to remember: kind, helpful and affectionate. Take a tour of the main monuments of Lisbon , enjoy its cuisine and visit some of the nearby beaches , such as Cascais. If you have time, take the opportunity to make a trip to Sintra , your Palacio da Pena deserves it.

Before setting off, plan your trip to Lisbon well , discover the cheapest plans in Lisbon and the restaurants where you will feel a true Lisbon .

Budapest in Hungary 

Buda and Pest are / is a perfect option for a cheap trip through Europe with friends . The style that surrounds the city, its giant urban spas in the middle of the buildings and, best of all, how cheap it is to live in it: eating, drinking, participating in activities … will greatly facilitate your idea of ​​economic vacations. In short, in Budapest you can enjoy a travel bargain without having to give up the things you want to do . Maybe this 3-day Budapest guide will help you get into the city. And do not be fooled, although Budapest always seems the ugly sister of Vienna and Prague, it is a very cool city to spend a few days.

Bruges in Belgium 

Wonderful! Although if you travel to Bruges I recommend you to extend your trip with a trip to Ghent , less than an hour by car or public transport and, honestly, I have doubts about which one I like the most. A fairytale city that, despite its fame, still maintains reasonable prices that allow access to this special about low cost tourist destinations in Europe. It owes its name to the amount of bridges that cross it, and that will be obligatory stop of your photos. I can not help it … cities with water (sea, river, estuary, derivatives) fascinate me. Its old town is declared a World Heritage Site, if we add to all this that it is a cheap city, what else do you need to choose Bruges as the next destination?

Naples in Italy 

Do not worry! You will not need bodyguards to travel to Naples . We are not going to say that it is a city to discover corners at night, but you can enjoy a low cost holiday as comfortable as possible. Naples is a beautiful city, which bewitches who visits it or who resides in it for some time, and is far from being the reckless city that is said of it. If this is your first experience in this southern Italian city, we tell you what to see in Naples . Remember that the capital is only a little over two hours away and that, if you have never traveled to Rome , I would not miss this opportunity. The capital is not the cheapest in the world, but we leave you some free plans in Rome, in case you decide to try your luck.

Check the transport information in Rome , to know the train connections of Rome with other Italian cities .

 Split in Croatia  

Although you will also have to stop in the capital,   Zagreb which is also the largest city in Croatia, I recommend you to spend your holidays in Split , much prettier, for what we are going to cheat. A holiday in Croatia can be quite economic , even in the capital of the country, it is one of the many charms of Croatia. As we have already said, the best thing is that your base camp is in Split, in addition to pretty for cheap, but Croatia is a perfect country to go on a route . Write down on your travel itinerary : Rovinj, Korcula, Plitvice Lakes National Park and Krka National Park.

Bucharest in Romania 

The capital of Romania is considered one of the three cheapest cities in Europe , how can we not want to go on vacation to it! Bucharest is a large city where you can enjoy many monuments, such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Parliament Palace, the Romanian Athenaeum, or the Herastrau Park. Do not confuse cheap city with ugly city because these two qualifiers do not necessarily have to go hand in hand and in that list you have 8 exceptions that break the rule . If you have also always wanted to visit the house of the feared Count Dracula , this is the perfect opportunity to get to know Castillo Bran. Be careful! We do not know if it’s still there …

Krakow in Poland 

And, if we just talked about one of the three cheapest cities in Europe, Krakow is also on that list. If you want to know more about Poland  you can add Warsaw to the list since they are more or less equally cheap. It will be inevitable to travel through these Polish cities and forget some of the most wonderful and spooky films about the Holocaust. If you have seen the movie Schindler’s List , in Krakow you can visit the Oskar Schindler factory or the Auschwitz concentration  camp . A perfect destination for history buffs looking for cheap vacations rather than beach and traditional monuments.

Athens in Greece 

It was my vacation destination last year and it really deserves to be among one of the cheap trips around Europe . A city ​​full of contrasts , with some areas completely demolished, a center full of life and charm and some commercial streets of the most modern. In Athens you will not lack cheap and good food  – if you like gyros, welcome to paradise – and places to discover, beyond the imposing Pantheon . If you are making a route through Greece, before leaving for the islands I strongly recommend that you take an excursion to Meteora , it is something that you have to see once in a lifetime. Would you recommend Athens? Definitely.


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