“Fifty First Dates” a Romantic Comedy looking at the emotive issue of memory Loss.

Staring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and directed by Peter Segal, the 2004 romantic comedy “50 First Dates” takes a careful and sensitive approach when dealing with the tragic issue of memory loss.  If you are living with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and residing in a Notaro Care Home in Taunton you will receive professional, quality care where peace and tranquillity are paramount.  Any Care Home Taunton will be able to provide a similar level of Care so if you need a truly loving environment for an elderly relative to live in just go online and check out your options.

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The main male character in the film is Henry played by Adam Sandler; he is a womanising Marine Veterinarian who falls in Love with Lucy played by Drew Barrymore.  Lucy is an Art teacher who suffers with Anterograde Amnesia after a terrible car accident and doesn’t remember from one day to the next things that happen in her life.  Henry sets out to win the heart of Lucy by taking her on different dates everyday trying everything he can think of to help her remember.

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With Lucy failing to remember anything they have enjoyed doing together Henry decides to make a video explaining the accident, the date they’ve enjoyed and all about her life, family and friends. Henry and Lucy watch the video every day, end up getting married, having a daughter called Nicole and sailing off on their boat.



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