10 natural ways to keep the house cool in summer

Summer is here and there are many who begin to activate their air conditioners at home these days with what this entails given the electricity cost involved. However, much of that air conditioning load could be reduced if we did simple things to cool the house and many of them used before the air conditioning came into our lives. These are some low tech tips to keep the air fresh.

The best ideas are those that keep heat away from your home, first of all, instead of letting it sneak in and causing a sudden rise in temperature that will take us to turn on any conditioned equipment that we have on hand.

These are the best ideas and remedies to keep the heat away from your home and keep it cool in summer.

Use awnings

Although they do not seem to use an awning in the middle of summer, they can reduce the heat that enters the house by up to 65%. The truth is that many just use it or open it when they want to be on your terrace or on the balcony but extending it in the summer all day will keep you between so much heat and best of all … your furniture will last longer. Have you thought that with an awning you would hardly turn on the air conditioning?

Plant a tree

If you live in a private house or have a terrace choose the option of planting a tree because thanks to their glasses they provide shade and obviously cool the atmosphere. If you had a tree in front of your window you would notice how immediately the sensation of heat is reduced by more than 50%.

Place plants

As with trees, plants also help us keep the house cooler. There are many companies that already cover buildings with plants such as hidera since it is considered that they can reduce heat by up to 50%. Inside the house they cool the home.

Use your windows well

Why in the middle of summer do you have windows open and up? Everyone knows that when we are above the heat is more noticeable so that if you have a double-opening window, close the top so that you only let the air pass underneath.

On the other hand, when you are at home and away from it leave the windows with the shutter down halfway. You will notice how the only thing that enters is fresh air and not at all, suffocating.

Buy a ceiling fan

Unlike air conditioners that cool the environment, ceiling fans help keep calm, so if you lower the blinds and also a ceiling fan will not turn on the air throughout the summer.

Paint the ceiling

In the same way that a high amount of ice or snow reflects UV rays instead of absorbing heat, cities are giving white roofs a second chance as a way to cool cities and fight against climate change. At home you can do the same and above all think that your facade could be fresher if you propose it to all the neighbors.

Install External Blinds

The best way to deal with excess unwanted sun is to keep it with the use of blinds we have already explained how well you can go if you take and lower the blinds of your window but if you also have a budget to install one that is exterior, You will reduce the high heat sensation that can be concentrated inside the house in summer.

Place an attic fan

The hottest cities in the United States choose to place an attic fan that serves to prevent heat from building up in buildings. In this way you can save a lot on the consumption of air conditioning so you can propose to install it in your building.

Do not cook hot food

There is a reason why there is summer food. It is fresher, lighter and of course, prevents us from using the kitchen, the oven, the microwave or the dishwasher (when we have to wash the dishes) and thus avoid accumulating heat in the kitchen and that this extends to the rest of the house .

Think about where you invest your money and enegy

There are many people who spend a fortune in isolating the house from the heat when they do not really need to complicate their lives so much. It is better to opt for blinds, awnings and other elements that we have already seen and that will lengthen the cool in your home. Also turn off electrical equipment that you are not spending. And of course, turn off as many lights as you can. All this, although it does not seem like it, causes heat.

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