How the Romans were the pinnacle of ancient civilization.

There were many civilizations in the ancient past but the standout one has to be the Roman’s. Starting in 753 BC it lasted for a thousand years before finally coming to a drawn out end in the year 400 AD. Even then it carried on into the medieval era via the Eastern Roman Empire or Byzantine. The Roman’s traded with the Far East and they controlled all of Western Europe and the Near East. They gave the world Law’s, architecture, stability, education and most important of all, public health. Most of this was taken from other civilizations before them. The Romans learned from the Greeks, who learnt from the Persians, who learnt from the Babylonians who learned from the Indus Valley Civilization. All of this knowledge shaped and built the Roman Empire.

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The most striking element of the Roman Empire is it’s attitude to public health. Their enlightened view meant that they developed the reservoir and the aqueduct so that water could be safely stored and channeled around their cities. This fed fountains and wells so that people did not have to walk miles for water every day.

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The most important change was the use of latrines and public baths. Being clean was important in Roman society. It was an event to go to the baths. It was a place where business was conducted and deals made. The latrine was also a shared experience.  Situated above a flowing stream wooden or stone seats were arranged so that people could sit and do their business. It’s not known if blockages were common but if they were a Blocked Drain Kent based company could fix it for them. Blocked drains in Kent can be fixed by clicking the link.

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