Back to school gift guide for your teacher friends

school gift guide

With summer coming to an end, the back-to-school season brings a fresh start, and for teachers, it’s a time of preparation and anticipation for the year ahead. If you have teacher friends or family members, you probably know how dedicated and hardworking they are. And this year you can show your appreciation and support with some thoughtful back-to-school gifts that will help them get back into their teaching routines. In this gift guide, we will give you some ideas to make your teacher friends feel valued and prepared for the next school year.

Coffee or tea accessories

For many teachers, a cup of coffee or tea is a daily ritual. Consider getting them a high-quality coffee maker, a set of fancy coffee beans, or a beautiful tea infuser to help them stay energized and focused during long days at school. Adjust this gift to your budget by adding other things and making it a coffee kit, or keeping it simple with a new coffee mug.

Thoughtful cultural presents

Teaching can be emotionally and physically demanding, so pamper your teacher friend with items like scented candles, spa gift baskets, or a relaxing massage gift certificate. You can add a cultural touch to these gifts, for a more original approach. For example, if your teacher friend has Scottish roots, add some Scottish  cultural presents as the ones you can find online for a thoughtful touch. This way they can feel appreciated and closer to their heritage. A thoughtful gift package can include any other bits and bobs that they like so make it as personal as you wish.

Desk Organizers

A tidy desk is a productive one and for teachers this is an important part of work. Gift your teacher friend stylish desk organizers like file holders, pen cups, or a desktop caddy. With all the work they have to do and the papers they have to grade, this will come in handy throughout the whole year. And getting them excited for work will be helpful on some of the tough days. Make sure you consider the things they already have so you don’t overcrowd their space.

Classroom Supplies

Teachers often go all the way out to buy supplies for their students and to make their classes more exciting. Help them out and be a part of their work by giving them classroom essentials like markers, colored pencils, sticky notes, or a laminator. Help your teacher friend create an inspiring and welcoming classroom environment with decorative items like posters, wall art, or fun and educational classroom decorations. You can also help them arrange their classroom and make it a wholesome day together.

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