The 10 best mac lipstick for brown skin and their types

mac lipstick for brown skin

RED, an iconic color that sets trends and that definitely never goes out of style. Definitely, my favorite color to feel sexy, safe and very feminine and definitely my fav to raise my spirits on a Monday. In fact, a survey affirms with almost 90% of the votes that the color red on the lips is one of the most sensual and provocative in women. you should use mac lipstick for brown skin.

However, for some girls, this color is usually a bit complicated, but calm that there are different shades of red according to your skin color.

So after reading today’s post, you surely find that red that best suits your lifestyle.

What is the best Mac lipstick for brown skin?

If you do not want to torment yourself among thousands of red tones you’re going to get in the market, I’ll leave you my list of the best red lipsticks.

I’m going to start this list with red lipsticks that are low-cost and that still offer a unique finish that you’ll love.

1.- Ruby Woo of MAC

Top the list for being a spectacularly color and a cult lipstick of most makeup lovers and make-up artists in the world.

It remains intact all day and has that bluish background that we talked about at the beginning that will make your smile look like never should use mac lipstick for brown skin.

2.- Rouge 999 of Dior

Classic, an essential in any lipstick collection and more if you are a fan of red.

It is my favorite because of the intensity and pigmentation in its formula, it is perfect in almost all skin tones.

You can use it both day and night and you’re going to look great.

3- Rouge Allure Velvet No. 5 Chanel

mac lipstick for brown skin

Spectacular. There is no other word to describe this red lipstick. As classic as the firm that manufactures it.

It is amazing the luminosity that leaves on your face when you apply it. It gives you a matte finish – but bright – but velvety. A lot with too much!

Not only will you look spectacular but you will take care of your lips more than can not.

4- Rouge Pur Couture The Slim by Yves Saint Laurent

This lipstick is square Yes, square! What allows us a perfect application of the lip.

Its finish is super matte and very long lasting. you should use mac lipstick for brown skin.

My favorite tone is Rouge Extravagant 1, and also number 23.

5- Creeper Ultra Matte Lipstick Colourpop

In Creeper tone this lipstick is ultra matte, with a bluish background and it lasts intact for hours and hours.

Being liquid is super easy to apply!

6- Lip Palette Vol. 1 Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is one of my favorite palettes of lips, you have a lot of lipsticks to choose from and mix but it has a red and an orange that together is dynamite! you should use mac lipstick for brown skin.

Its formula is creamy and moisturizes your lips, the color stays beautiful all day.

7- Monte Carlo of NYX

This red is very particular because it has a metallic touch and is also long-lasting. The best of all is its price since it is one of the cheapest in the market.

8- Stoplight Red de Wet n Wild

That its price does not deceive you. Not only does it offer a deep red color but it is super pigmented. In fact, Wet n’Wild is revolutionizing social networks because of its low prices and its spectacular products.

It is an intense color, with a creamy texture that facilitates its application. The best part is that it is long lasting.

9- Bobbi Brown’s Harlow Red

Great! With its comfortable presentation, this red lipstick will fascinate you.

The best part is that it has a matte finish, which guarantees long life. It is an intense, pure tone.

10-Ruby Rush by Tom Ford

Pure red Totally neutral and spectacular on your lips. It has a matte finish so the long duration is guaranteed.

In addition, it is creamy, so it is very easy to apply. You will cause a sensation!

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