Top Differences Between Virtual and Regular Phone Numbers

The way we think about phone numbers is changing. Previously, phone numbers were associated with a specific phone, gadget, or residence. Thanks to the advent of virtual phone numbers, which are proving beneficial to business, this is no longer the case.

The differences between virtual and regular phone numbers are minor. Here’s how to tell the difference between a virtual and a regular phone number.

Difference between a regular and a virtual phone number

Regular numbers are just that: regular.  Regular numbers are device and location-specific. Traditional private branch exchange (PBX) phone systems accept regular phone numbers, sometimes known as traditional phone numbers.

These numbers are created to work with a single phone line connected to a certain phone unit by telecoms. You can only use the number only in the locations where the system is installed.

On the other hand, virtual numbers are not location-specific. They rely on the internet to make phone calls. This eliminates the need for physical connections and allows you to make calls from any device. Virtual number calls do not require the use of a SIM card.

Types of virtual phone numbers

Toll-free telephone numbers

These numbers are free to call, as their name implies. This means that the recipient is solely responsible for any call-related charges. These numbers are intended to attract individuals to call businesses because they know that their calls will be free.

Vanity phone numbers

Many vanity numbers include letters related to the company. A portion of the phone number, however, is made up of repeated numbers. The vanity numbers are intended to be memorable due to the use of letters and repeated numbers.

Local phone numbers

These are dial numbers with appropriate area codes to make long-distance calls in different markets. There are no rules stating that only locals can purchase local phone numbers. An African corporation that wishes to call US leads can still buy a US phone number.

What are the similarities between a virtual phone number and a regular one?

Here are the similarities between virtual and real phone numbers, now that you know the main differences. The functions of virtual and physical phone numbers are almost identical. You own the phone number and is linked to you. The phrase “virtual” may confuse some people, but it is merely a change in terms, not in the service you will receive.

When someone contacts your virtual phone number from any phone, they will be directly connected to you, just like they would with a traditional phone number. Your callers will have no idea that your connection is a virtual one! The phone number is formatted similarly to standard numbers.


Virtual phone numbers are becoming increasingly popular among both businesses and individuals. Given the minimal equipment required, and ease of usage, it’s simple to see why.

You can determine which works best for you now that you understand the distinctions between a virtual phone number and a regular phone number.

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