Tips For Keeping a Teen’s Room Tidy

A source of endless frustration for parents has to be the teen bedroom! There are many ways to keep your teen’s room organised. If you have an unruly teenager, they will probably not put away anything they don’t wear or use often. One way to keep their room tidy is to install a hamper in their room. For shoes, you can buy over-the-door pocket organisers or a wall of hooks. If your teen doesn’t like the idea of putting away his or her shoes, then consider installing baskets or open shelves to keep things off the floor.

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Make the room easy to clean by clearing the room of clutter. Replace broken items with new ones. Wash all surfaces, including walls and furniture. Vacuum floors and carpets to avoid any scuff marks. You should provide a place for your teen to do his or her homework, and you should provide a recycle bin under the desk. Use under-bed storage for clothes and extra bedding, and divide wardrobe space by functionality. For more details on the benefits of Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire, visit

Set deadlines for room clean-up time. The teen’s school schedule will slow down toward the end of the week, and their weekend privileges will be in mind. Make it clear that they must finish all the cleaning chores before the weekend. If your teen has a hard time meeting deadlines, set a deadline for them to meet this goal before they’re allowed to spend time with friends, for example.

Give your teen room responsibility. While it’s difficult to hand over control of one room, make sure to explain your expectations. For instance, let them choose the decor and rearrange their furniture. While this might be difficult, this will encourage them to maintain the room in a way that suits them and you. You’ll also be happier with the outcome of a cleaner teen’s room.

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Establish a daily routine. Some teens naturally keep their rooms neat and tidy. While others do not care about how messy their rooms are, most teens will eventually appreciate a clean space. After all, they have six to eight classes a day, after-school activities, and other obligations. So, it’s crucial to set a routine and stick with it. One simple way to start is by making the bed every day. This simple act will instantly improve the room’s appearance.


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