Gas meter box types

When customers purchase a gas meter, they always need a gas meter box as well for the protection of the gas meter. Gas meter boxes protect the gas meter from the harsh atmosphere, and from any damage and wear and tear. There are various types of boxes available in the market. You can also get electric meter boxes, – for more information on an Electric Meter box, visit a site like . For today, let’s discuss the different types of gas meter box types.

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Semi concealed

This protective box is available in brown colour and usually sits at the base of the wall. This box type is suitable for small commercial properties. This box is excellent for the U6 gas meter.


The Height is about 480 mm

The Width is about 450 mm

The Depth is about 330 mm


This box is available in green, white, and brown colours. This box is excellent for the building and housing that doesn’t have a cavity wall.


Height is about 740mm

Width is about 660 mm

Depth is about 415 mm

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U16 box:

Height is about 828 mm

Width is about 710 mm

Depth is about 390 mm

U25 box:

Height is about 885 mm

Width is about 915 mm

Depth is about 385 mm

Cavity box

This box is available in a white colour. This box is excellent for a building that contains a cavity wall. This box is suitable for the U6 gas meter


Height is about 660 mm

Width is about 410 mm

Depth is about 160 mm

Freestanding box

This box is available in different colours and shapes. These types of boxes are more convenient to protect.


Height is about 1020 mm

Width is about 1020 mm

Depth is about 565 mm

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