Thinking of building an extension on to your current home

With the housing market as buoyant as it is and house prices rising, in this very difficult financial climate a lot of growing families are thinking about building an extension on to their current homes rather than moving. Extensions can come in all shapes and sizes and be built onto the outside of your property or internally, possibly going up into the attic space.

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If you have the room in your garden and decide to extend outside, then make sure you get proper plans drawn up.  Consult an architect and speak to several professional builders before putting in a planning application to the council. Once permission has been granted for your extension to proceed then building work can go ahead.  This should be plain sailing but if an unfortunate accident should occur in the garden and damage caused to your drainage system where the exterior pipe is cracked then contact a professional company who specialise in Drain Lining Bracknell such as they will be able to sort out any issues for you.

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Once all the groundwork has been completed and the extension erected then the fun bit of all this hard work can begin.  Decide on fixtures and fittings for your new room, choose the paint colour and flooring and enjoy having somewhere to either eat together, or relax, with all your family.  This extension may have cost a few thousand pounds of your hard-earned money but will be a great investment for the future if you ever do decide to sell.

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