6 Tricks to Make Your Sitting Room Look Bigger

 No matter how big our homes are, they never quite seem big enough! If you’ve got a small living room and you wish it were bigger, we feel your pain. We’ve been there, done that, and today we’re sharing some lovely tips for you to help you make it look more spacious.

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1. Invest in a large rug

When it comes to living room rugs, big is better, especially in small living rooms. It might seem counterintuitive, but a large rug can help to stretch the space, drawing the eye and making the floor area feel bigger. If a rug is too small it won’t help with how to make a small living room look bigger as it can appear as if it’s floating in the middle of the room and look out of sync with the proportions of larger items of furniture. Go for a rug that is as large as (or even wider) than your sofa if you can. A large rug will act as an anchor point in a living room that can help with how to arrange living room furniture. Run it under the legs of your sofa idea for small living rooms as well as the coffee table if possible and try to leave around 25-30cm around the edge of the room so you can still see the floor beneath.

2. Pull furniture away from walls

While it’s tempting to push all the furniture against the walls in a small living room to put more floor space on show and make the room feel bigger, it can actually have the reverse effect. Having everything pushed up against walls can limit the sense of space and horizon, making modern small living room ideas appear much smaller. Try pulling sofas and armchairs away from walls to give them more breathing space. An easy solution for how to make a small living room look bigger, it will also make the room feel more inviting. No more dead space in the middle of the room. Group seating together to create a more relaxed, sociable feel.

3. Let more light in

Natural light can help with how to make a small living room look bigger, making it feel brighter, breezier and much bigger. Avoid heavy living room curtain ideas and solid blinds that block out sunlight and instead opt for lightweight linens, voiles and sheers that will let maximum light flood in. One trick for small living rooms that can help stretch the space, is to install a longer curtain pole at a standard-sized window. Extending the pole on either side of the window will make it appear wider and allow curtains to be drawn back fully allowing extra light in, it will make your gaming experience at meilleur casino en ligne francais.

4. Save space with sleek built-ins

Too many large bulky pieces of furniture can crowd a small living room and make it feel cramped. Opting for built-in furniture is a great way of making use of under-utilised alcoves and recesses and frees up floor space, rather than having lots of freestanding pieces. Paint built-in storage to match wall colour to create a more unified look that can also help increase the sense of space in a small room.

5. Blur the boundaries

Wrap the room in colour, by painting living room walls and ceiling in the same warm shade throughout. A good trick for how to make a small living room look bigger, awkwardly-shaped areas or rooms with sloping ceilings, painting walls, trims and ceiling the same colour ensures that the eye doesn’t get drawn to the corners of the room which helps create a greater feeling of space.

6. Add height with contrast ceiling colour

In a small living room without much natural daylight, painting the ceiling a lighter colour is a good way of brightening up the space and making it feel more lofty. Extend the effect in a room that features a picture rail, by painting the wall area above the rail to match the ceiling colour. It will make you less aware of where the walls end and the ceiling begins and will create the impression of extra height. You can also use small living room lighting ideas to accentuate the feeling of height.

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