Top 10 best perfume for men in the world

or a long time, men’s fragrances have been deadly boring! Between the overly virile and overdosed testosterone juices, and the classic lavender, they had the reputation of being too commonplace and unwelcome. However, in recent years, the male species have literally metamorphosed. Perfumers compete with inventiveness and now let their imagination speak. The world best perfume for men has grown considerably and many novelties are thus born each month. Moreover, this sector is developing faster than feminine perfumery, that is to say! Men are catching up and their fragrances are more and more trendy! Here is a quick overview of the top 10 perfumes for men.

Best perfume for men in the world

1 – Alien Man Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler has decided to reinvent one of his most famous feminine perfumes and to make it one of the best perfumes for men of the year 2018. No gentlemen, you are not dreaming, the emblematic Alien changes form and become Alien Man. This new juice offers us a fabulous and futuristic trip. A true olfactory adventure, Alien Man is a digest of virility and mystery. It exudes a vibrant sensuality associated with an electrifying freshness. Full of emotions, Alien Man has an incandescent magnetism.

Alien Man, best perfume for men

Presented in a bottle that is reminiscent of its female counterpart, Alien Man is a true amethyst-colored jewel that contains an oriental and woody scent. Its rich and subtle composition is particularly bright and trendy. Filled with contrasts, she flies first on a duet of dill and smoked beech wood. His manhood is still growing in his heart by the presence of cashmere wood. Finally, its background is sweeter and equally elegant, combining osmanthus and white amber.

2 – 1 Million Essence de Perfume by Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne, meanwhile, decided to mark the year 2018 by returning one of his best perfumes. Once again, his new fragrance sends us back the image of our wildest fantasies. 1 Million Essence de Parfum immediately imposes its charisma in our daily lives. Its pretentious look makes it an object of absolute covetousness, intended for modern and trendy men. 1 Million Essence de Parfum is for all those who are not cold-eyed and seem to be able to get everything from a simple snap of their fingers.

 1 Million spicy essence contained in an ingot, best perfume for men

More than ever, Paco Rabanne has chosen to highlight all the passion of its perfume to make it one of the most noticed games of 2018. Thus, 1 Million Eau de Toilette does not miss biting. It starts with fresh and lively citrus notes. Blood orange and grapefruit are refreshed with peppermint. Then, the heart of 1 Million Essence of Perfume spices up with cinnamon. A floral touch makes it more elegant. The absolute rose finally wins in virility in contact with white wood, amber and patchouli. Finally, as if to emphasize its sensuality, 1 Million Essence of Perfume ends with a breath of leather.

3 – Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette from Dior, best perfume for men

Dior has also chosen to reinvent one of its best perfumes for men: the iconic Eau Sauvage. On this occasion, this bestseller of the brand has become a Eau de Toilette. This new edition preserves its timelessness while displaying a new modernity. Eau Eau Eau de Toilette is reminiscent of old-fashioned Eau de Cologne and rhymes with character and discretion. With this fragrance for men, everything is a question of balance!

Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette the return of the timeless fragrance of Dior

Eau Eau Eau de Toilette is based on a simple and innovative recipe. As before, hedione occupies the central place of its recipe. This synthetic molecule with a scent close to that of jasmine is associated with lavender more aromatic Vaucluse. Calabrian bergamot preserves the freshness of this essence. Finally, the whole ends with a chypre chord. The bottle of Eau Sauvage Eau de Toilette, meanwhile, remained unchanged except that it has slightly cleared.

4 – Wanted By Night by Azzaro

Released in 2018 but inspired by the lifestyle of Loris Azzaro, creator of the brand, the Wanted By Night fragrance gives us the portrait of a hedonistic and rebellious man, who is not afraid to provoke his luck and play his future on a poker chip. Wanted By Night invites you to live according to your wishes, even if it is somewhat unreasonable. This fragrance is not cold and may well become your favorite weapon of seduction.

Wanted By Night, a woody and seductive juice one of the best perfume for men

Wanted By Night will seduce you with its explosive and woody notes. Presented in a barrel-shaped bottle, it is similar to a chic, trendy and luxurious seduction weapon. Full of cinnamon, tobacco and red cedar, it has a vibrant scent, totally captivating and addictive.

5 – Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf

Presented in a kind of glass grenade carved like a diamond, Viktor & Rolf’s Spicebomb perfume has not stopped being talked about. Still today, it ranks among the best perfumes for men and remains in the top 10 current trends. His fiery temperament leaves no one indifferent!

Spicebomb, a spice blast

Spicebomb consistently ranks among the best spicy fragrances in the men’s department. He sublimates the year 2018 with his incendiary tone. He combines a heart of chili and saffron with the roundness more masculine leather and tobacco. His brute force is at the center of trends. To this, he contrasts a surprising breath of freshness based on a combination of bergamot, grapefruit and cold spices. The pink pepper and the elemi thus print on your skin an icy bite.

6 – Kenzo for Men, best perfume for men

Although it was designed more than 10 years ago, the Kenzo Homme perfume is still one of the best male fragrances of 2018. It gives us the image of a man facing the horizon and in perfect harmony with the splendors of nature. Kenzo Homme is the epitome of all natural elements at once. Modern, trendy and authentic, it simply invites each of us to an initiatory journey as to better refocus on the essential things of life.

The authentic breath of Kenzo Homme

Kenzo Homme is a fragrance that seems to be slowly going through all the elements of nature. It begins with a fresh and aromatic concentration of lemon, bergamot, and sage. Then, it spices up with nutmeg and clove. The smell of ozone, for its part, is reminiscent of the incisive freshness of the ocean. Thyme evokes the Mediterranean. Finally, his sensual masculinity resurfaced in a background of cedar, sandalwood, musk and fir basalm.

7 – Only The Brave by Diesel

Absolute symbol of determination, the perfume Only The Brave never stops to make speak about him. Filled with conviction and assurance, it is intended for all those who are not afraid to take their life in hand and who find the energy to excel each day. Only The Brave is a pulsation to slip on the skin. With him, the year 2018 is played with enthusiasm and dynamism!

Only The Brave, a fragrance of contrasts

Only The Brave merges scents that everything opposes to better reconcile them. Thus, the freshness of the lemon is highlighted by the animality of the styrax. This explosiveness is relayed by an amber accord. Coriander lights up with freshness thanks to mandarin. Only The Brave preserves its elegance in the powdery breath of violet wrapped in a hint of benzoin. His bottle, meanwhile, is now known to all. This is a glass fist to proudly brand as a message of freedom.

8 – Armani Code Male, best perfume for men

Equally charismatic and famous, Armani Code Homme is a very couture perfume that perfectly matches the style of the Armani brand but also current trends. Sober, elegant and charismatic, it resembles a perfectly cut black suit. Armani Code Homme has no equal to showcase your charisma. No wonder that it ranks among the best perfumes of the year 2018. This juice is also one of the most beautiful symbols of mystery and sensuality of men’s perfumery.

Armani Code Homme reinvents the fern register

Armani Code Homme belongs to the olfactory family of ferns, always very trendy and widespread in men’s perfumes. However, its transparency is more subtle than it seems. Its freshness boasts its Latin origins in contact with the olive blossom and star anise. Herbs also join her recipe. Finally, its woody and the masculine base is softened with tonka beans.

9 – Azzaro for Men, best perfume for men

If you are looking for virility, Azzaro for Man will have something to seduce you. Like Armani Code Homme, it has its source in the Mediterranean and reveals to us as such a resolutely virile and seductive charisma. Azzaro for Man is designed for all intrepid personalities, not without humor and elegance. Here is a cocktail that has something to capsize the hearts of women.

Azzaro for Man, the smell of an aromatic and wooded Mediterranean

Azzaro for Man sublimates masculinity in a warm and very evocative breath of the Mediterranean region. It begins with the freshness of lemon associated with anise. Then, a more complex lavender accord enriches her heart. This plant is associated with geranium, basil, sage, mugwort, and juniper. These aromatics gain liveliness in contact with cardamom and all ends with a more woody and musky base.

 10 – Yves Saint-Laurent’s Y

Men are at the same time a vibrant tribute to the creator of the brand but also to all the men of the Generation Y. It is inspired by the passion and creativity of today’s young people. ‘hui. It is a kind of contemporary and trendy representation of the new masculinity. He gives us here a very current vision of perfumery of 2018.

 Y for man, a woody fern, best perfume for men

Y Yves Saint-Laurent is a deceptively relaxed perfume that is based on a binary interpretation. On the one hand, it is similar to a classic white T-shirt and is full of fresh, aldehydic notes. On the other, he transcribes the elegance of a suit jacket and affirms his virility in the scent of fir, ambergris, and oliban. The result is a chic and refined composition, both strong and generous.

As you may have noticed, this ranking of the top 10 best perfume for men includes some compositions already present in tops 10 of previous years. Indeed, some species are masterfully orchestrated and make the happiness of men for several years now. We never tire of it and it is always a real pleasure to be able to rediscover them and get drunk again with their manly scent. Others, on the other hand, are novelties. So, will you be tempted by a classic of masculine perfumery? Or will you have the audacity to direct you to a new fragrance?

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