20 Popular Michael Kors Bags

20 Popular Michael Kors Bags

I mean, who doesn’t love a stylish and functional designer handbag? There’s just something about that luxurious feel and well-crafted design that elevates any outfit. And if we’re talking about accessible luxury brands, Michael Kors is always top of mind. The designer perfectly balances sophisticated elegance and trendy styles, offering something for everyone. That’s why so many of us have at least one (or a few) Michael Kors bags in our closets. Whether you’re drawn to classic totes, versatile crossbody bags, or glamorous statement pieces, you will find the perfect one to complement your style.

Let’s delve into 20 of the most popular Michael Kors bags, exploring the features that make them iconic.

Classic and Timeless Popular Michael Kors Bags

Classic and Timeless Popular Michael Kors Bags

1. Jet Set Travel Large Saffiano Tote Bag

Every woman needs a classic tote, the quintessential one from Michael Kors. It’s the workhorse of bags – roomy, structured, and made from durable Saffiano Leather. Toss in your laptop, a water bottle, snacks… honestly, what doesn’t fit in this bag? This one is designed for the traveler (hello, the name gives it away), but let’s face it, we all can live a jet-setting lifestyle with this trusty companion.

2. Mercer Large Pebbled Leather Tote Bag

With its sleek lines and structured shape, the Mercer Tote spells business chic. Polished for work and errands, you can’t go wrong. Think of it as a more refined update on the classic tote. It’s incredibly versatile; the neutral colors will go with any outfit. Consider it your new professional power bag.

3. Jet Set Charm Medium Saffiano Leather Crossbody Bag

If a hands-free option is your priority, this Jet Set crossbody is your go-to for running around town. Just big enough for all your essentials – phone, wallet, keys, and some makeup – while remaining delightfully compact. This bag screams casual elegance and is ideal for weekend outings or when you must dash out quickly.

4. Soho Medium Pebbled Leather Chain Crossbody Bag

A perfect date night pick, the Soho Crossbody adds a touch of glam. I love the quilted look and the chain accent, which elevates this purse without feeling too fussy. You can toss it over your shoulder during the day for a more laid-back feel, or wear it as a proper crossbody and dress it up for evenings.

5. Cece Medium Quilted Leather Crossbody

Think of this as your edgy take on a crossbody. The bold quilting and chain strap give it a bit of rock-and-roll flair. But the classic boxy shape makes it feel timeless, too. I find myself reaching for this one, especially in the Fall or Winter – something about the style suits those months perfectly.

6. Karlie Medium Patent Leather Satchel

There’s a reason why this style stands out as a Michael Kors bestseller—structured, polished, eye-catching. That touch of elegance and class instantly dresses up any look. This is it if you’re looking for a head-turning bag to rock from desk to dinner.

7. Hamilton Large Pebbled Leather Satchel

Want something with a slightly more vintage feel? The Hamilton Satchel is the answer. The curved top gives it a retro vibe, yet the shape, leather, and hardware look incredibly modern. It is a real showstopper of a bag that goes effortlessly from daytime shopping to fancy occasions.

8. Greenwich Medium Logo Shoulder Bag

I can’t have a Michael Kors discussion without talking about the logo bags. The Greenwich shoulder bag is a fabulous option if you want that recognizable ‘MK. This one oozes sophistication, and I get many compliments whenever I wear it. Plus, the chain strap lets you adjust the length – wear it short or slightly longer – which I find convenient.

9. Voyager Medium Logo Tote Bag

This Voyager tote is bold and practical for a different take on the logo trend. You get the chicness of the ‘MK’ print contrasted with coated canvas – perfect for running errands and rainy days since it’s much more forgiving with cleaning. Plus, that interior is super roomy. It’s a busy mom’s dream, honestly.

10. Bradshaw Large Leather Shoulder Bag

The Bradshaw is another stunningly elegant style. I love the curved lines and chain detail on the strap. You get instant polish just by slinging this over your shoulder. It is ideal when you want that upscale feel but need a decent amount of room in your bag for light traveling or carrying a tablet.

11. Jet Set Large Saffiano Leather Camera Bag

Camera bags are having a real moment in fashion, and Michael Kors delivers a perfect take on the trend. It’s surprisingly roomy for the compact style – all your essentials plus extras like sunglasses. Bonus points for the wide crossbody strap, which is super comfy. You get those casual, cool-girl vibes without sacrificing convenience.

12. Lillie Medium Pebbled Leather Shoulder Bag

It would be best if you had a bucket bag, and this one checks all the boxes. The Lillie adds instant boho charm to any outfit. Plus, bucket bags are deceptive – this one holds so much thanks to its spacious design. And if you love tassels, the accent details give just the right amount of embellishment.

13. Soho Large Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag

If you loved the quilted crossbody, meet its more extensive, bolder counterpart. It’s that ‘statement piece’ every closet needs. I have this in bold red, making every outfit look extra. You get that rocker-chic feel and luxurious quilted leather… a seriously winning combo.

14. Carmen Leather Satchel

When you need a structured bag but are tired of basic black, enter the Carmen! Gorgeous colors add vibrancy, while the timeless shape keeps it classy. It strikes the perfect balance between polished and playful. You get the feel of an upscale work bag with a hint of personality.

15. Rhea Medium Leather Backpack

Not a purse, girl? Backpacks are having their moment, too! The Rhea has been an MK bestseller for years, and with good reason. It’s sleek and sophisticated and feels more like a stylish accessory than a backpack. Great for anyone on the go – students, travelers, moms! And yes, you can make backpacks office-appropriate with this beauty.

Abbey Medium Studded Leather Backpack

16. Abbey Medium Studded Leather Backpack

Are you seeking a backpack with a little edge? The Abbey is your answer. The classic backpack style gets a glam-rock update with studded detailing. And let’s talk about practicality – enough compartments to keep everything organized! Perfect for anyone who wants a touch of rebel spirit in their look.

17. Jade Gusset Large Crossbody Bag

When you need a compact yet impactful evening bag, look no further. It’s sleek with just the right amount of hardware – think of it as adding jewelry to your outfit. Just large enough for the necessities. You get a hint of shimmer without feeling glitzy – precisely what you need for dressier nights.

18. Emmy Medium Leather Shoulder Bag

Sometimes, you need a classic chain-strap shoulder bag for those dressier events. The Emmy fulfills that need ideally. Structured and timeless, it adds understated elegance to any look. This one’s your cocktail party, swanky dinner event kind of bag.

19. Manhattan Small Leather Shoulder Bag

For minimalist lovers, this might be your holy grail. You get pure sophistication with sleek lines, no flashy hardware, and all about those structured edges. Plus, in this case, ‘ small’ really means small; think phone, cards, lipstick, keys… only the absolute night-out essentials.

20. Jet Set Charm Small Pebbled Leather Camera Bag

Don’t forget this crowd favorite! We discussed the crossbody version, but the camera bag style comes in a party-ready mini if you want an even more compact alternative. You get that touch of MK luxury (and the adorable dangly logo charm) on a micro-scale. It is ideal for concerts or evenings when you don’t want to be weighed down.


How do I know what size Michael Kors bag is right for me?

Consider your lifestyle and needs. Small or crossbody for hands-free days and errands. Satchels and shoulder bags for work or when you need more space. Totes for travel, carrying those everyday bulkier items, or busy moms!

Saffiano leather vs. smooth leather – which is better?

Saffiano leather is beautifully scratch-resistant and durable – better for wear and tear. Smooth leather has a more luxurious feel and ages with a unique patina, ideal for when you want that classic leather look.

What makes Michael Kors’s bags so popular?

They strike a perfect balance – trendy styles yet timeless design, a luxury feel without outrageously high prices, plus incredible quality that translates to lasting value.

Is it worth investing in a Michael Kors bag?

Absolutely! With proper care, a Michael Kors bag will last you for years. High-quality designer handbags become investment pieces you can always count on.

Where can I buy authentic Michael Kors bags?

Always go to the official Michael Kors website, major department stores, or authorized retailers to ensure you get genuine, high-quality pieces.


Whether you’re seeking a workday workhorse, a date night beauty, or a glamorous getaway companion, Michael Kors has an irresistible range of bags that perfectly blend quality, style, and versatility. While trends come and go, with one of these classics on your arm, you’ll never feel underdressed.

As you explore the 10 most fashionable women’s booties for Winter 2019, remember that just like the iconic Michael Kors bags, these choices reflect your unique style and needs. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the process of browsing, experimenting, and discovering the perfect addition to your fabulous life!

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