Five reasons why VoIP is the environmentally-friendly option

VoIP systems offer many advantages to businesses, including increased flexibility and reduced costs. For those firms looking to boost their green credentials, using VoIP technology makes for an eco-friendly option. Here are five reasons why.

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1. Less reliance on hardware

Unlike traditional phone systems, you do not need to rely on copious amounts of hardware when using VoIP; in fact, as long as you have a broadband internet connection and an IP phone, you are good to go.

With less hardware when using VoIP, you do not need to worry about throwing out old equipment when it comes to upgrading systems. According to VoIP Review, VoIP services do not contribute to landfill waste. IP phones are wire-free, while upgrading your services only involves calling your VoIP provider.

2. Fewer carbon emissions

VoIP technology enables workers to easily communicate via conference calls, no matter where they are in the world. Working in this way means less reliance on face-to-face collaboration and the travel involved to get to meetings. Less travel means fewer air miles or petrol consumption, resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

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3. Lower energy consumption

When you choose an international VoIP wholesale provider such as, one of the main benefits is that staff can work remotely using VoIP systems, provided they have access to the internet. With more staff working away from the office, this means less energy is required to power a large corporate workspace.

4. Save paper

Using VoIP technology is good news for trees, as working in the cloud and collaborating on documents online means you do not need to print as much paper. This can also make a business more efficient, as there is less of a risk of losing or misplacing paper handouts.

5. Reduction in pollution

Staff who work remotely are less likely to generate as much waste if they work from home using VoIP technology; for example, they are less likely to grab food on the way to work, resulting in packaging waste, and are less likely to use as much paper at home. Less waste means less pollution, which is good for the environment.

Additionally, VoIP does not require underground wiring like traditional phone systems. Such wiring can cause chemicals to seep into the soil, causing further pollution, especially if this leaches into our water systems.

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