The 12 used electric cars you can buy in USA right now

used electric cars

Are you looking for a new car for less than 15,000 dollars?  Are you looking for a new car for less than 15,000 dollars?  Used electric cars when electric cars were ugly to rage nine electric cars when electric cars were ugly to rage.

Comparison Volkswagen e-Golf vs. Nissan Leaf: which is better to buy? Comparison Volkswagen e-Golf vs Nissan Leaf: which is better to buy?

The electric car, although it has anecdotal sales with respect to the cars of thermal and hybrid engines, is an option that every day makes more sense, especially for the urban displacements. However, like all novelty, the beginnings are difficult and expensive.

At the time of buying an electric car, we would all like to be able to access a Tesla Model S, a Model X or a Jaguar i-Pace , even the Audi e-torn would be tempting, but with prices exceeding 80,000 dollars for cars. Access models are not a valid option for all families. Even so, there are attractive and affordable proposals if you want to take the step and drive an electric car.

Make no mistake, an electric car is an expensive vehicle with respect to an equivalent model of gasoline or hybrid, even affordable models still cost more than 20,000 dollars. And although we focus on the price of the car, we have not included them in this little guide because they are not legally cars.

Top 12 used electric cars you can buy in USA

used electric cars you can buy in USA

Renault ZOE ZE 40 (R90)

Aesthetically it is practically the same as the previous ZOE, but the new 40 kWh battery of the Renault ZOE ZE 40 changes everything. And now you can count on 300 km of real autonomy. Renault proposes from just over 21,000 dollars with separate battery rental and the R90 engine, 92 hp and no possibility of fast charging. If you buy the batteries, the price rises almost 8,000 dollars on average.

Citroen C Zero

The Citroen C-Zero is the twin of the Peugeot iOn and the Mitsubishi i-Miev. Well, actually, it’s a Mitsubishi i-Miev that also markets the two leading brands. It is narrow, small and with a tiny trunk. It is of a strictly urban use, as much by dimensions as by autonomy, of about 100 km in real conditions of use. The Citroen C-Zero stands out for its price, much more affordable than that of its two brothers.

Citroen E Mehari

The Citroën e-Mehari was designed by Citroen for the market of hotels, resorts and car rentals in beach areas. Its size and autonomy (120 km) are used for recreational use. Although now, thanks to a hardtop version, it can also be an original urban car.

Smart EQ fortwo

The smart fortwo electric drive changes its name and is renamed smart EQ fortwo, in line with the rest of the Daimler group and its commitment to electric mobility. The rest of the car does not change. Same battery of 17.6 kWh and same real autonomy of about 100 km. If you are not going to leave the city, there is no more urban car than this electric smart.

Kia Soul Ev

The Kia Soul EV is one of the electrical veterans of the Spanish market, since it has been with us since 2012. And maybe that’s why its autonomy of 150 km is no longer up to the Nissan Leaf, Renault ZOE or BMW i3. It retains the original design, the habitability and the boot of the Kia Soul combustion engine. Its rate price is exorbitant for what it offers, but the brand systematically applies a discount of 9,674 dollars.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is the most recent bet of the Korean brand (the electric Kona is not yet for sale) and the most superb. Hyundai proposes the same car with three different versions of propulsion: internal combustion, plug-in hybrid and a 100% electric version. It has a 120 hp engine and a 28 kWh battery for a real autonomy of about 200 km. Its official sale price is high, but like Kia, as a rule makes a consistent discount of 10,700 dollars, leaving the electric Ioniq at 24,225 dollars.

Smart Eq For four

The smart for four electric drive is now called smart EQ forfour. It is still a very compact four-seater with an 81 hp engine and a real autonomy just over 100 km. It is a perfect second car to go to work or a first ideal car for someone who does not usually leave too much of the city.

Mitsubishi I Miev

The twin of the Citroen CZ-ero and Peugeot ion is the original model. It is one of the pioneers of electric mobility in USA. It was developed following the Japanese norm of the kei-cars, as far as dimensions are concerned. The kei-cars are cars in which it is not necessary to prove a parking space in order to register them. Thus, the i-MIEV will be limited to an urban use. The characteristics are similar to those of the two Gallic models.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio Electric Drive

The smart fortwo electric drive in its cabrio version is called smart EQ fortwo, in line with the other models of the brand and the Daimler group and its commitment to electric mobility. With respect to the “coupe”, it equips the same 17.6 kWh battery and proposes the same real autonomy of about 100 km. But it is one of the two electric convertibles available in the USA market.

Volkswagen E Up

In recent years, Volkswagen has stepped on the accelerator with the electrification of its range. One of the first was the small e-Up! With respect to the internal combustion models, the habitability and comfort of the ride are maintained. Although with its autonomy of little more than 100 km, it limits it to urban displacements. Its price is high for what it offers in terms of autonomy, habitability and technology. A Hyundai Ionic or Renault Zoe is much more interesting and affordable proposals.

Nissan Leaf 2018 40 kWh

The new generation of the Nissan Leaf, one of the most sold electric in the world, leaves behind the criticism we made to the previous generation. The design is more consensual – not conservative -, the chassis has improved significantly and has a footprint that is close to that of the other Nissan and especially now has a very dignified real autonomy (270 km) thanks to its battery of 40 kWh, at the same time that its engine gains almost 50% power, now reaches 150 HP (110 kW) and 320 Nm of torque.

BMW i3 94Ah

A BMW in the ranking of the most affordable electric? Yes, the BMW i3 94Ah is placed in front of the Volkswagen e-Golf for a difference of 235 dollars in its favor. The restyling of the BMW i3 brought improvements in its battery that allows it to improve its autonomy. The i3’s electrical system consists of an electric motor of 125 kW (170 hp), 250 Nm of maximum torque. And a lithium-ion battery of 33 kWh, able to offer a real autonomy of between 180 and almost 200 km. However, for such a small difference in price  Volkswagen e-Golf, whose real autonomy is 200 km. In the end, between one and the other is a matter of taste.

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