The benefits of owning a park home

Buying a residential park home is becoming more and more popular with first-time homeowners, retirees and everyone in between. These stylish homes can offer a more laid-back lifestyle than houses or flats in a busy town or city. Get a beautiful view across the lush countryside from your own decking and some friendly neighbours with a similar outlook to yourself.

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What else can benefit you when owning a park home?


Having a home on a private site can mean you have the added security of a site manager or owner to help in case of any problems. The manager can give you a hand with plumbing issues or questions about your home – just ask.

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Living amongst a group of like-minded neighbours gives you a comforting sense of community. Even if you are living alone, you will never feel lonely. With social groups, sports facilities or activities planned within the community, you can meet new friends. The BBC website has pictures of life in a park home.


Residential park homes Gloucester are built with the environment in mind, with a sturdy timber frame making the outside of your home strong and weatherproof. The insulation within the walls is high quality, meaning your home is easy to heat and cost-effective when it comes to energy use.

Economical living

The cost of running and maintaining a park home is lower than that of a standard house. They are mostly cheaper to heat, light and upkeep, and most are in the lowest tax bracket. The precise costs depend on the location, model and size of your park home – you can get more information from a specialist such as

Aesthetically pleasing

Park homes Gloucester are designed to be attractive and comfortable. They usually have a traditional bungalow look, with a pitched roof and good sized rooms. Interior fittings are modern and high-spec. Central heating, carpets and double glazing are included, meaning you can move in without any extra work.


There are many public transport options within walking distance, with bus stops close by the site or even on site. Some sites are close to train stations. but far enough away to avoid the noise. There are even shops on site or within an accessible radius.

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