Timber Framed Extension – Save Money And Have A Great Property

Timber Framed Extension is becoming an increasingly popular type of house extension in the UK. More people are realising that buying a home is not always easy, especially if you are buying up on a small piece of land. It is often quite difficult to find developers that are prepared to build on a small piece of land and often when you do find one they often want a lot of money up front to help them get the project done. Contacting a company that does a Timber Framed Extension seems like a great idea.  Timberpride provide timber framed extensions for this purpose.

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However the good news is that there are developers out there who are willing to help you get a property up onto that land for less money than you may have expected and in fact some of these developers will even offer you free advice on how to plan and prepare your site properly. These developers are all over the country so regardless of what part of the UK you are looking to buy property in, you will most likely be able to find somebody to help you.

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There are many benefits to having a timber framed extension. The first main benefit of course is the savings you will make on moving into a new property. Most extension projects are relatively affordable and therefore not something you need to pay off immediately as you will save money in heating costs during the initial period. This is especially useful if you live in an area where the winters can be harsh and even in mild weather you can often find your heating bill to be much higher than normal. An excellent way to combat this is by investing in a timber framed extension.


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