What you Need to Create the Perfect Fried Breakfast

Something that we all love to treat ourselves to on the weekend is a fried breakfast. This can however be a difficult thing to get right, and some people have high standards of what they expect from a perfect fried breakfast! If you are serious about creating the perfect fry up, here are some of the key components of what makes it perfect…

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A decent frying pan – This cannot be emphasised enough – the tools that you use are a really important part of a good breakfast! A lot goes into making a decent frying pan – from manufacturers like Poetons which treat them with something called Thermal Plasma Spray, to making sure it is the right size and shape. If your frying pan is old and damaged, it is a good idea to invest in a new one as it just won’t perform to a high standard!

Eggs – These are one of those things that many people find are really hard to get right. The perfect fried egg will have a yolk that runs when you dip something into it. It is worth looking for tips on cooking good fried eggs beforehand.

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Layout – Anyone who remembers watching Alan Partridge will know that how the breakfast is laid out on the plate matters! Beans should ideally not be touching the egg, and the sausage can of course be used as a breakwater to prevent this happening!

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