Emotional chaos or when the world collapses

Emotional chaos

Emotional chaos- There are times when the only thing we see present in our lives is oppression and disharmony. It is hard for us to get out of the dark. Because we do not understand what happens to us or we do not know how to manage it. They are instants in which emotional chaos reigns in our daily lives.

Our world collapses under our noses and we do not know what to do.

No more, but due to the confusion, to the unpredictability that will be the future and our mistakes of the past, we settle in that situation.

It seems that there are only shadows that we carry in forms of frustration and other discomforts. But nevertheless, there is a way to manage this emotional chaos.

Next, we show you what to do in this situation, what are its characteristics and the benefits of being aware.

Emotional chaos, what is it about?

the Emotional chaos

It represents that state in which we are depressed and confused in relation to our emotions. Most of the time we associate it with suffering, especially when we do not know what to do in the face of problems. This is not necessarily the emotional chaos. It can also be about those moments in which we are invaded by positive emotions that we cannot manage.

So, it is about when we do not know well what happens to us. We may experience different emotions, but we do not know how to identify them or put them into words. It also covers emotional chaos, not knowing how to manage what happens to us, even if we are capable of making a good analysis.

To put it another way, as suggested by the psychologist and author of the book From emotional chaos to inner peace, in the emotional chaos there is a contradiction between the emotional and rational world , which leads us to lose control , guiding in many cases our behavior by impulses.

Characteristics of emotional chaos

Emotional chaos usually has the following attributes:

  • Disorder. Emotions are no longer under our control, some can be triggered that we did not know and lead to unwanted behaviors.
  • Confusion. Feeling lack of clarity leads us not to know what decisions to make. Therefore, we usually postpone them.
  • We fear to make mistakes, because we do not feel safe. It is an emotion that generates a disorder projected towards the future.
  • It consists in the feeling of guilt that makes us uneasy.
  • We believe that it is an external matter, we blame others or even emotions, as if they were alien to us.

Emotional chaos can be associated with emotional blockage. It’s about when we protect ourselves to survive a certain situation.

In the beginning it can be a way to safeguard us, but when it is there unconsciously, and we do not process it, it can lead us to not knowing how to manage ourselves. For in the future when we no longer need to protect ourselves, the emotions associated with that situation can float out and invade us.

Also, it may be associated with experiencing a new situation for us that is so invasive that it paralyzes our decision making.

How to deal with emotional chaos in a positive way?

We must know that in the midst of emotional chaos, it is difficult to make decisions and compose what has broken down. However, it is possible to manage it in a positive way, for example:

  • Through self-knowledge. Connecting with us is the best way to know, what happens to us, why we are having a certain reaction and what path we want to take. This will help us to know how to manage.
  • Give space to emotional chaos. Sometimes we want to escape from him so much that the only thing we do is leave it for another moment and accumulate sensations that are growing bigger each time. It will be better, if we assume that it can happen to anyone and we allow ourselves a moment to let it flow.
  • Do not lengthen the emotional chaos. While it is important to let emotions flow, it is important not to do it eternally; that is, not stay in them. It is important to move forward, this will be a way of putting a limit on emotional chaos.
  • Not everything comes from outside. If it is about our chaos, it is because it has to do with us. Let’s stop giving others what really has to do with us.
  • Know where we can express chaos. While it is important to take what we have inside, we must be assertive when it comes to doing it. All the places are not suitable for it, they could even make the situation worse. It will be healthier if we look for a place where we can express ourselves calmly.
  • Ask for help. We are often ashamed to say, “I need help,” but it is normal to require support sometimes. We can go to those who we have more confidence, or if we think it necessary we could go to a professional, a psychologist will be a great guide on that path.
  • Do not strictly follow some teachings. Sometimes there are family or social beliefs that we take as mandates. This situation leads to overwhelm. It is healthier to recognize which ones are contributing to us, and which ones lead us to frustration, so we can learn from everyone and avoid falling into another emotional chaos.
  • Performing physical exercise can also help us. With it, different hormones and neurotransmitters are released that generate a feeling of well-being in us. Another aspect that can help us transform emotional chaos into harmony is to perform some activity. For example, art helps us transform our anguish.

Benefits of being aware of our emotional chaos

Paying attention to our emotional chaos will lead us to be more assertive. In addition, we will have other advantages such as:

  • Release tensions.
  • See the value that each emotion has.
  • Release what hurts us
  • Live the here and now
  • Know our limits
  • Know what our defense mechanisms are.
  • Transform our anguish into creativity.
  • Emotional release
  • Greater capacity to make decisions.
  • Self realization.

The process is gradual. We cannot expect that from one day to the next we will increase our degree of control substantially. And, that we will never again have an emotional chaos in our lives. Like every human being, we will have ups and downs, the important thing is: learn from each one!

Getting out of the shadows of how overwhelming clutter, fear, confusion, guilt, and blaming others can be or seeing emotions as something external is possible. It consists of dancing with the shadows, knowing them, inviting them to come out at the right moment, learning from them, and transforming them into well-being, little by little.

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