Preparing for Your Journey to your Holiday Destination in the Car

Going on holiday is something that we look forward to doing at this time of the year. Getting that time to spend together as a family, relaxing and having fun is something that we want to make the most of. To make sure that you get to your holiday as easily as possible however, for most people this involves driving.

To make sure that you can get to your holiday and start having fun, here are some things to remember….

Check the Car Before you Go – It is always a good idea before embarking on any long journey to give your vehicle a good check over. Things like the oil and the water under the bonnet of the car should be checked to ensure they are at the required levels, as running a car without these, especially on a long journey can cause serious damage to the engine. It is also wise to check the tyres are suitable. You could even book your car in to be serviced whilst you are away.

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Be Aware of the Roads on your Journey – Planning your route is important, and it is likely to involve driving to somewhere where you wouldn’t drive normally. If you are not used to motorway driving for example, familiarise yourself with the motorway and the rules and regulations that apply in the Highway code, as well as what the various vehicle and road markings, such as chapter 8 chevrons like this , mean.

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Be Well Prepared – Although you have done all that you can to make sure that your car is in good working order and is going to get you to your holiday with no problems, sometimes break downs still happen. Whether you damage a tyre, or something goes wrong inside the car, it is always good to be prepared for every eventuality. Make sure that before you go, you have adequate breakdown cover so that if you need to have your vehicle repaired or recovered it isn’t going to cost you all of your holiday spending money to have it done! You can also carry a breakdown kit in your car, so that you can warm other motorists and keep you and your family safe.

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