Five steps to organising your garage

Organising your garage can be a challenging job. Sorting through the vast array of equipment, toys, supplies and other paraphernalia and then arranging it so everything is organised and accessible in one space is never going to be easy, but we outline some tips below to help with the task.

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The first job is to declutter as the garage really tends to be a dumping ground and gradually items mount up and mount up and end up taking over the space. Arm yourself with some strong bin liners and get ready to go through absolutely everything, sorting into piles of ‘Keep’, ‘Dump’ and ‘Donate’. Then you just need to be very strict and make sure the ‘get rid of piles’ don’t make it back into the garage.

Zone the area

Garages store a wide variety of equipment so it can be useful to separate the garage into specific zones so items are grouped together. For instance, car and vehicle equipment, such as de-icer, wiper fluid; garden utensils, such as lawnmower, shovels; sports gear, such as tennis rackets, bikes; DIY equipment such as drills, tools box, etc. You may need to add extra zones for other interests or specific uses such as recycling or craft supplies, but just work out your list of zones and then see what will fit where, thinking about how often you need to access things.

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Source suitable storage

One of the most important aspects of the organisation process is to find appropriate storage for the garage. Industrial style racking or shelving is ideal for use in garages as it is extremely strong, can be easily customised and maximises the space. You can obtain shelving in a range of sizes, and shelves can be placed at different heights to accommodate equipment of various shapes and sizes. Open shelving also improves the visibility so you don’t need to get everything out to find something. It is vital to find a shelving supplier, who stocks a wide range of strong and durable racking. If you are looking for garage shelving Ireland has some experienced and reliable suppliers.

Put things back

Put things back where you took them from!

Keeping organised

The key to keeping the garage organised is to keep on to top things. Spring and Autumn are perfect times to just have a quick clear out and tidy up.

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