The highlights of a Wood Fired Oven 

Since ancient times people have been cooking food over a wood fire, and these days although its less common, it still offers numerous benefits. Not only does food cooked over a wood fire taste great, there are also environmental and health benefits to this method of cooking. This is why when you go out for a meal you will want to head somewhere special who can offer you this service like one of the Italian restaurants in Dublin who cook beautifully tasty pizzas and pasta at sites including

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Of course, in the Western world pizza ovens are the most common wood fired ovens, but there’s an increasing demand for ovens that can cook everything from meat to veggies, gluten free bread, and even bake cakes!

A Hot Topic

If you’ve ever touched the walls of a wood fired oven the day after its been used you’ll have found they are still warm. This is because these ovens are designed to reach extremely high temperatures and to retain heat for extended periods of time. Wood ovens are thus perfect for baking bread, as the retained heat can stay at a constant temperature for hours at a time.

It’s this consistent heat that adds to the flavour, as it allows for even distribution during cooking. The wood flavour also adds something special and gives the food a taste that’s impossible to recreate in a conventional oven. Woods such as cherry and maple can also give off a specific flavour and add something special to your dish.

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Healthier Option

When you make pizza in pizza ovens you’ll discover that wood fired food is healthier. Home made pizza can be very healthy, and when you cook vegetables in a wood fired oven you do so quickly, so that minimal nutrients and anti-oxidants are lost. No oil is required in cooking and food is exceptionally tasty too.

Great for the Environment

Wood fired ovens are also good for the environment, as they require no electricity or gas to power them. They can also be used to cook a large number of dishes over a short period of time, and once the temperature has reached a certain point, it can remain as such for awhile.

The ash can also be added to compost or even used for cleaning. While you will need wood to burn, there are plenty of eco-friendly wood options and if you ensure your wood comes from a reliable source, you can enjoy the delicious taste of wood fired food absolutely guilt free.

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