Different Types of Drainage Cleaning Services

Drainage Cleaning, like that from Wilkinson Environmental is an act of cleaning or draining a liquid from any type of pipe or manhole. Usually, the word ‘cleaning’ is used in a generic or metaphorical sense. Drainage cleaning is carried out to ensure that all components of the piping system are working properly and effectively. Cleaning the pipes does not only save the money of the households but also ensures the smooth flow of water and minimises the chances of any leakage and subsequent flooding of the system.

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Drainage cleaning process can be performed manually or using automated cleaning machines. In most of the cases, a plumber is called in to carry out the drain cleaning process. There are different methods of carrying out the drain cleaning process. In the wet cleaning process, the household is required to collect all the debris, dirt and leaves that fall on the drain at regular intervals of time. Once the cleaning process is over, the homeowner is required to clean the drain using soapy water and scrub it to remove all the foreign materials that have entered the drainage system. This method of cleaning may require the presence of a drain cleaner.

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Another drain cleaning method involves high pressure water jetting. The high pressure water jetting is usually carried out when the household requires a thorough cleaning of its drainage systems. The household is required to set up the equipment like the high pressure water jetting and also hire a professional plumber for the cleaning process.

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